Know Essential Steps of Writing a Good Dissertation

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As a graduation or post-graduation student it is very much essential to write a good standard dissertation as it is one the important part of courses.  Therefore, to solve the student’s worry of how to go about writing a good dissertation here we are coming with the steps of developing a very good dissertation. Before starting to write about the steps of dissertation let understand clearly about the concept of it.

What is Dissertation?

One of the important assignments of your curriculum is a Dissertation. A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing on a certain topic; in particular, it is important to conduct in order to acquire a degree at a college or university; nevertheless, this is merely the tip of the iceberg because a dissertation project has a lot more significance and context. Dissertation is a preliminary view of what a doctoral thesis look like.

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What are the Steps of writing a Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can be a difficult task. It requires clear understanding of the research fields.  There are various steps of writing a dissertation these are as follows-

Finalizing a topic

The first and important step is to finalize a topic. Selection of a topic requires a lot of background reading and preparation on the part of the candidates. It is important to select a topic which is researchable.  The topic should be contributing to the store of knowledge.

Deciding the area of topic

Another important step is to finalize the area of work. Where the students will work or in which their study is set up.

Deciding the objectives of the study

Another important step is to finalize the objective of the study. What will be researched in the dissertation is generally called the objectives of the study. Framing a clear cut objective helps the researcher to carry forward the whole research work.

Doing the literature review

Another very important aspect of doing a dissertation is to conduct an extensive review of related literature on the topic selected for the study. Review of related literature provides students an idea of the topic they want to study and what are the related researchers that have been conducted in the area. Review of related literature opens up the different views and aspects through which you can view your topic of research as well.

Selection of the sample and sampling method

Doing the literature review develops a strong background for the selected topic. This leads to selection of the sample required for the study. A sample is the group of people selected for conducting the dissertation form whom the required information are collected. It also helps in finalizing the sampling method of the study.

Developing the tools and questionnaire

Next step is to prepare and develop an instrument or in the language of research it is called a ‘tool’ for collecting data from the students. Preparation of the correct tool is the most important steps of doing a dissertation. Questionnaire according to the objectives of the study helps the students to develop items that can generate actual responses from the respondents.

Collecting the data

With a strong developed questionnaire the student can go for collecting data from the field. In the field while collecting data taking consent from the participants is very much important. Nicely conducted the field study generates a rich source of data for the researcher to compile the study while analyzing.

Formatting the data

The information after the field work should be tabulated appropriately for carrying forward the analysis. Tabulation and formatting is an important task of dissertation, it is tiring as well that is why many time students ask for “can anyone do my assignment” from experts online.

Analysis and Interpretation

Another very important step of a dissertation is to analyses of the data collected from the field work as per the previously set objectives. Analysis and interpretation is one of the important parts of doing a dissertation. It also provides the results and the helps the students to generate the best results from the study.


The last and important step of doing a dissertation is to write the report. It is important to keep in mind the language of the research while reporting the results. Reporting is very efficient task, for doing these students often look for help and search online ‘who can do my assignment for me online’.

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