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There are certain facts in life that every man needs to know, or at least that it would be a good idea to take under account. Here we reveal five fitness tips and body fitness tips that all men ought to read and most importantly put in to training.

One of the key differences between a man’s and a woman’s body is that men are generally less elastic than women. You may not think flexibility is vital, but it is. Stretching your muscles frequently can allow you to move better, it can also help you stay injury-free and may relax your muscles, consequently reducing stress. Attending Pilates or yoga classes will be able to help you improve your flexibility. Bear in mind, as a general rule, men’s hamstrings, shoulders and lower backs will need to be worked on more than other regions of the human body, so pay particular attention to such parts in flexibility sessions.

It may be something of a cliché, however, guys do tend to get a healthy competitive spirit. Though this is excellent for your motivation and motivating you to push yourself, it can also lead to problems. For example, many men fall into the trap of thinking that to be able to become better and achieve more they must perform all their exercises in a super-fast speed. Although that is true when performing some exercises, for others this is just not the case. Take weight-lifting for instance.

When lifting gradually, say for 10 minutes in complete, you increase the quantity of time that your muscles are stressed, and simultaneously increase the blood circulation. This usually means you assist to develop and improve your muscle mass.

So the next time you train, remember faster isn’t always better take some opportunity to find out what speed you need to be functioning at for every different exercise.

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