Lip Fillers : Ageing is a natural and inevitable process. Everyone would go through it at some point, and it causes a lot of body changes, including reduction of our facial and lip aesthetics. Ageing causes the lips to lose its definition and volume gradually. This usually makes a lot of people have reduced self-confidence. 

If your lips have lost their volume and definition, you can always get lip fillers to restore its volume. Lip filler treatment has several other benefits, and they include the following. 

Versatile treatment for different purposes 

You can get lip filler for the following. 

  • Lip outline/vermillion border- it helps to improve the width and definition of the lips 
  • Reduce marionette lines which run from the sides of the mouth
  • Reduce smoker’s lines, also called perioral lines which appears in the upper lips. The lines usually run vertically
  • Define the philtrum ridges- the lines that go from the upper lip to the nose
  • Add extra definition to the cupid’s bow
  • Add volume to the upper and lower parts of the lips to make a fuller pout
  • Make the oral commissures more discreet

Easy, painless, and quick procedure 

You can get your lip filler within 20 minutes. The professional would use an anaesthetic with an ultra-fine needle, so you do not feel pain, and the only sensation you might experience is that of a pinprick. After the treatment, patients do not experience acute pain. 

Natural-looking result

Treatment with lip filler helps to enhance the natural features, unlike other cosmetic treatments which tend to change the make-up of facial or body features. With lip filler, your lips look younger and more aesthetics. They also help to accentuate the outlines and contours of the lips.

Non-synthetic filler

The lip filler usually contains hyaluronic acid – a substance already present in the body. At a younger age, the skin has more hyaluronic acid, and it helps to keep the skin wrinkle-free and full. With the ageing process, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body reduces, which creates creases and deep lines. 

By replenishing the hyaluronic acid lost from the skin, you would have younger-looking skin. This is what lip filler aims to achieve. 

Long-lasting effect with consecutive treatment 

The effect of your treatment with lip filler can last for about six months, but if you undergo consecutive treatments, it can help make the effect of the treatment last longer. A touch-up session 2 – 4 weeks after your initial session can help you create a good foundation for your future treatments. 

Health tips and Tricks

To ensure your lip filler treatment gives you the result you desire and last longer, you need to consult a qualified cosmetic practitioner. You also get to avoid certain issues like the following with a qualified cosmetic practitioner. 

  • Lumpy results 
  • Necrosis 
  • Wrong administration of the lip filler

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