How To Get Best Deal On Water Purifier? Factor To Consider

With increasing water pollution, the need for water purifiers has also increased tremendously in India in the recent past. Indian water is very inferior and can not be consumed until it is adequately treated by a modern and advanced water purification system.

According to the UN report, the Indian position is 120th among 122 nations regarding freshwater quality. According to a WHO report, more than 3.4 million people lose their life due to waterborne disease. Thus always ensure to drink pure and healthy water without.

In India, there are various kinds of water purifiers, so get the best for your house. If you are not sure which water purifier is best for you, you can either contact the Kent RO service or perform your research.

Kent is one of the best and reputed water purifier brands in India, and it manufactures all kinds of water purifiers. Kent water purifiers are based on modern and advanced water purification technology, eliminating all types of contamination from the water.

Factor To Consider While Having A Water Purifier At Your House

With a wide range of water purifiers in the Indian market, the water purifiers selection has become difficult. But with the help of Kent RO service provider expert and our factor to consider will guide you to get the best deal on the water purifier. Below are some crucial factor which you should consider while having a water purifier

1. Water Purification Technology

A water purifier is based on the various kinds of water purification technology, and this factor is crucial to consider while having a water purifier. Reverse osmosis and Ultraviolet water purification technology are more comprehensive for water purification; thus, let discuss these two essential water purification technologies.

RO Water Purifier

This form of water purifier is mainly based on reverse osmosis technology. In this technology, a semipermeable membrane is used to separate the contamination from the water. This water purifier is used primarily in those areas where the TDS concentration is high compared to the microbial contamination. Although the RO water purifier is also used to eliminate the water’s microbial contamination, it is not effective in this.

UV Water Purifier

A UV water purifier is mainly used to eliminate the microbial contamination present in the water. In this water purifier, UV rays destroying bulbs are used to remove the UV light, penetrate the microbes, and kill them. This water purifier does not eliminate other contamination present in the water. Thus UV water purifier is used in those where the microbial contamination is high compared to the TDS concentration.

2. Mode Of Operation

Suppose you are living in an area where electricity outages are high. In that case, you should look for those water purifier which does not require electricity, or you should look for non-electric water purifier. Non-electric water purifiers work on gravity; thus, you can use pure water all the time.

3. Budget

It is also one of the most crucial factors which you need to consider to get the best water purifier at an affordable price. Thus you need to fix your water purifier budget before looking for the water purifier; otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong product.


The water purifier is one of the best equipment that will help you get 100% pure and healthy water when you wish to drink water. But sometimes, the selection of the water purifier becomes tough as there are various kinds of water purifiers in India. Thus, people should contact the Kent RO service provider or perform your research to get the best water purifier for their home. Otherwise, you end up buying the wrong product.