When Should You See A Diabetes Specialist? – Must Know in 2022

Diabetes is a commonly heard and talked about disease, in the current generation. But what does it mean, and how does it affect the body?

When the pancreas (a gland) fails to produce the required amount of insulin (a hormone) in the human body, it gives rise to diabetes. The human body utilizes this insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Therefore, when an individual suffers from diabetes, it is because the pancreas fails to produce insulin or the produced insulin does not function properly- either of the two. 

However, in the following article, I am going to tell you when to type ‘who is the best endocrinologist near me?’ on your search bar. Scroll through the following article to take prompt action. 

Signs  Indicating That You Should See A Diabetes Specialist

Chronic diabetes conditions are of two types: Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, the other reversible conditions include, gestational diabetes & prediabetes. Prediabetes occurs when the blood sugar levels are a bit on the higher end, but not high enough to fall under diabetes. 

Whereas, gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy and can disappear after the baby is born. Diabetes leads to excess sugar rushing into the blood. The type of diabetes does not really matter here. 

Type 1 diabetes can occur in any age group, however, Type 2 might develop with age. And too much sugar is never good for the body. It can lead to serious health problems.

But if you notice your blood sugar level to be abnormally low or, it had been sometime before- waste no time consulting a specialist. For it is a sign of hypoglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis.

Symptoms Of Diabetes:

The following are the symptoms of diabetes:

*The urge to urinate frequently.

*Feeling thirsty more often.

*Sudden loss of weight.

*Having blurry vision and sores that take forever to heal.

*The presence of ketones ( a byproduct formed due to the breakdown of fat & muscles)  in your urine. It happens due to the unavailability of insulin.

*Feeling weak, irritable & tired.

*Getting infections too often. For eg: vaginal, skin, gum, etc.

Health Risks:

The following are the health risk of diabetes:

*It damages the kidney, eyes, and feet.

*It can also affect the heart and blood vessels, which can escalate to skin conditions such as, alzheimers’s.

*Hearing impairment is also one of the health deteriorations that is caused due to diabetes. 

Which Doctors Treat Diabetes?

There is no hard and fast rule that a general physician will not be able to treat a diabetes patient. But there’s always a specialist with some additional knowledge about that particular disease. 

The doctors who are qualified to treat diabetes would be:

*A general physician or your family doctor is usually the first one to notice any kind of abnormality (high blood sugar levels) in you. They will be able to provide you with the basic treatment and medications. It also includes the health problems, that pulmonary embolism causes.

But in case there’s something that is out of their area of expertise, they will immediately refer you to a diabetes specialist.

*Endocrinologists, also known as diabetes specialists. Endocrinologists are specialized in treating hormonal issues & the glands producing that hormone. Individuals who suffer from Type 1 and  Type 2 diabetes, both remain under the treatment of an endocrinologist.

Things To Take Note Of Before Going To An Endocrinologist

Consulting a diabetes specialist will never fetch fruitful results if you cannot communicate your problems to them. Or convey wrong and irrelevant information about your health. 

Doing so, will make it difficult for the doctors to diagnose your disease and will also delay the treatment procedures. Some of the important things to take note of, would be:

Maintain a journal- You have to start maintaining a journal, highlighting each and every symptom, whether related to or not related to diabetes-  at least a week prior to your scheduled appointment.

It is vital because every diabetes has a different treatment plan. Even the best endocrinologist will need one to create your customized treatment plan.

Getting a fasting test done- No, you do not have to fast before visiting a diabetes specialist. It’s just that when visiting your doctor for the first time, it is better to get a blood glucose test done.

The one that recommends patients to keep an empty stomach for at least 8 hours before the test. Although, consumption of water is allowed while fasting for a blood glucose test. Ask your doctor to give you the list of tests that you will have to do prior to the appointment. 

Tip: Schedule these 8 hours fasting tests early in the morning. You will anyway not eat anything while you are sleeping.

Take notes- Always carry a notebook when visiting your doctor. It could either be your health journal or a simple notebook to take down any important health tip that the doctor suggests.


With that being said, I would like to wrap up this medical discussion. However, I hope and pray with all my heart that you do not get to consult the best endocrinologist; any time soon. If you have to at all, then refer to the aforementioned information to make the correct decision.

In case, you have got something to share or some additions to make to the available information, feel free to do so. Our comments section is always at your service. We’d love to hear back from you.

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