Gone are the days when physical safes were created to protect money and exclusive and expensive jewelry. Today money is no longer the only concern, data is pretty important in the virtual world too. And this is when cybersecurity comes to the rescue, it safeguards all your confidential data from theft and any kind of damage. 

What’s Going on? 

Data has become the need of the hour, I am talking about the information irrespective of its kind whether it’s sensitive data or protected health information (PHI), intellectual property, or industry information systems. Day by day inherent risk and residual risks are increasing due to which cyber criminals tend to barge in and conduct brutal attacks and data breaches in no time. You will have no idea where your next cyber threat such as phishing emails, social engineering scams, and malware attacks will come from? 

In that case, cybersecurity turns out to be the best possible option available. Being driven by technology, we do realize the fact that sensitive information such as social security numbers, and debit or credit card information must be protected from threats such as SQL injection, Malware, Phishing, Botnets, Man-in-the-middle attack and so forth. 

I am sure by now you must have created an exclusively online presence or maybe an intimidating eCommerce store. But what’s the point in creating one that’s not secured enough, that can be easily compromised? The following post focuses on how not to fall for such craps and secure your Magento store seamlessly. 

Importance of Magento Security   

The eCommerce realm seems to be expanding extravagantly by leaps by bounds. Today, almost every business has an eCommerce website that makes it stand out among competitors. However, what’s not so happening here is that your website is bound to face risk. One must have something in mind when it comes to securing a website from cyber attacks. 


Of course, there is no denying the fact that Magento is one such platform that comprises the best security features and provides the best security Magento 2 extensions in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to any vulnerability. So yes, securing your Magento store is the most important thing that must be taken into consideration. After all, you cannot compromise your valuable customer’s crucial information and financial data at any cost. Also, not to mention that your brand reputation can be at stake. And no one can afford to lose that! Now here comes the big question – the How part? Time to take certain primitive measures to safeguard your Magento store from the bad guys in today’s competitive times. 


How to Keep your Magento Store security in Check? – Top Magento Security Best Practices to Consider

Here down below I would like to mention certain aspects or a basic checklist that must be taken into consideration so that you can offer the highest level of security in today’s crucial time. 

#1 Ensure to use the latest version

No matter how irrelevant you find this aspect, it is very important to use the latest Magento version. However, I am not saying that the latest version is absolutely secure but you see developers are continuously working on fixing security patches and issues and sharing them in the new releases. So stay informed and updated regarding the latest Magento patches version. 

#2 Two-Factor Authentication 

 Another interesting yet essential security tip is to make sure to consider two-factor authentication for your eCommerce store. You see by doing this you are adding an extra layer of protection which makes it extremely difficult for hackers to penetrate your store. So how exactly to establish two-factor authentication? Well, you can consider methods such as Duo Security, Google Authenticator, and whatnot! Also, make sure you share your security code with a trusted user.  

#3 Backing up is important 

 I have come across many business owners who do not back up their websites regularly. Not doing so might result in the unnecessary loss of a significant amount of data. However, if you keep backing things up, again and again, all the crucial data can be recovered in the nick of time. Also, make sure that you don’t keep saving data on the same computing device, what if it crashes? Apart from this, if the intruder gains access to your device then he can get his hands on the backed-up data too. So don’t take unnecessary risks. 

#4 Choose a relevant hosting plan

Another important factor to take into consideration is choosing the best hosting plan. Now you must be wondering what a web hosting plan has to do with securing your Magento store? Well, when you choose a hosting plan based on price – the cheap one then what you get is shared hosting. Now one of the biggest disadvantages of shared hosting is that it is open to all kinds of data breaches. 

Of course, at first, this one seems quite a relevant option but if you see as overall then it’s not that advantageous. I mean what if your Magento store’s traffic spikes all of a sudden? The platform will crash easily. So in that case ensure to choose a Magento hosting platform that emphasizes on security.  

#5 Encrypted Connection

Another crucial factor that must be taken into consideration is an encrypted connection. You see most of the security breaches tend to happen due to unauthorized connections or unencrypted connections. Now, do you think there is a solution for this? Of course, there is a secured Magento connection. You see if you are using Magento as your eCommerce platform then HTTPS/SSL is no rocket science. Just keep looking for safe URLs such as HTTPS/SSL URLs. 

In addition, just make sure that your Magento website complies with the PCI data protection norm and that all online transactions made are safe and secured. 

#6 Use of Strong Password

Another significant factor to take into consideration is using a strong password. Of course, now we all know what a password is and its significance. I mean what if it gets into the hands of the bad guy? He won’t waste any minute in accessing your site maliciously. 

In order to protect your crucial data, and avoid being locked out of your own website, start using strong passwords. You see, since these passwords are difficult to guess, others can’t crack them easily. 

In case, if the password is too difficult for you to remember you can try using free password managers for storing your passwords. In addition, do not save passwords in the system you are using. Also, keep changing your passwords from time to time for better results. 

#7 Use Firewall

Last but certainly not the least factor to take into consideration is using Firewall. Over the years, MYSQL injections are pretty much made against online retailers. To safeguard your eCommerce store from these malicious attacks, you can consider using Firewall. You see MYSQL enables attackers to access and tamper with data. In simple words, all the crucial information regarding your valued customers can be disclosed easily. 

So yes firewall protection is much needed! 


And we have reached the final part! You see, website development is not easy especially when you are developing for the eCommerce realm. So after taking all the burden you cannot just let anyone ruin your hard work and harm your brand reputation. Using all the aforementioned pointers can certainly help you in creating an eCommerce store that is highly secured and safe not just for you but for your valuable customers as well. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and if you did please help me in spreading the word among your peers. In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.