Are you searching for Unique Designs of Mailer Boxes?

Have you been looking for some creative and eye-catching designs for personalized mailer boxes? Do you want to know which unique design can let your brand stay prominent in the market and target more of your customers?

If yes, then here we have a quick guide for you! Here we will let you know about different attractive and unique designs of the custom mailer boxes to choose your favorite one for the product right now: 

Full overlap mailer boxes

These unique boxes are very much similar to the regular set of slotted style containers. The just dissimilarity comes around when both the sets of box flaps are overlapping each other.

This will be helpful to completely cover up the whole box entire width. Plus, even it is helpful to add some extra thickness over the boxes top and even through the bottom side of container meant for the protection of product.

Get small boxes with beautiful look 

Next, we will let you know about the designs of full small mailer container! This unique box is featuring a separate set of top as well as bottom that is fitted over one another. As you will view it individually, you will witness it in shape of trays.

These boxes general manufacture themselves out of two scored along with the slotted style of rectangular blanks.

This will restrict total waste quantity that is nevertheless created at the time of boxes manufacturing. As you will place them organized, whole scenario of overlap of mailed boxes with handle edges will provide an added security to all the box sides.

In this way, you will be able to give your boxes a greater sturdiness and compression strength.  You can use telescope style containers for storing your goods, organize your all items, and for the shipping purposes of product.

We also have a one-piece of folder box which is extremely ordinary with all sorts of mailer industry. It is very much ideal for all those packaging products who are having shallow depth.

You can craft it by usage of single set of board piece for an unbroken & flattened bottom. Such mailer boxes with window designs are extremely quick over to assemble. 

Unique Designs of Mailer Boxes

Feature of mailer box packaging

We will add up the name of the roll end style tray which is attached through the locking cover.

It is extremely demanding when it comes to shipping style containers. Plus it is formed through the utilization of single set of board piece which is placed on the top of die cutter.

The overall designing is based on thick corrugated set of layers with unbroken bottom and within a locking cover. This is excellent for sealing your product at a superior level.  If you want to ship some delicate items, then choosing these box designs is the perfect option for you.

Next, we will highlight the designing of five-panel style folders! These folder designs are yet scored and hence cut through the usage of a single set of corrugated material piece. Its 5th panel will display the entire closing flap which will somehow cover one sided area of the panel after its folding.

You can avail the usage of such folder designs for storing narrow and long items. Plus, you can even use it for the sake of shipping purposes or transportation of items from one place to another.

Such mailer boxes with lids designs are normally used for the shipping of lightweight and small items. They are extremely quick to assemble and are available with a flat bottom pack set so it can become convenient for you to manage it.

At the time of such die-cut box manufacturing, there are little chances that little waste will be created plus they are also cost-effective.

The die-cut self-locking style of containers is based on the envelope-styling base where you don’t need to use any tape or glue for assembly purposes.

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