Vacation Package- The most romantic things to do in Madrid

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People from all around the world are crazy to dive into the capital city of Spain. The city of Madrid is quite populous and hustling with tourists throughout the year. Madrid, the home to one of the most popular football clubs in the world, “Real Madrid Club de Fútbol”, more commonly called “Real Madrid CF” is a booming tourist destination. The club owes its huge fan following to one of the legendary sporting icons, Cristiano Ronaldo. Football has been a rave in Madrid, and Spain in general, but that’s not the only thing that the capital city has to offer. Madrid is a really romantic getaway, popular amongst couples for its picturesque monuments and romantic experiences. The city is culturally diverse, and has a lot to offer, even to people, who are not fans of the Soccer sport. If you’re looking for romantic experiences that Madrid has to offer, book vacation package offers . Read on to know, the most romantic things to do in Madrid. 


  • Enjoying a boat ride in Casa de Campo’s lake:

  • Casa de Campo resort and villas, offer exquisite luxurious accommodations-from a choice between hotel rooms, suites, and private villas, to truly make you feel the king sized life in Madrid. The resort in La Romana, is one of the most eloquent and gram-worthy places in the whole of Madrid. Casa de Campo, has a lot more to offer, from its state of the art Golf course, called the “Teeth of the dog”, which is the numero uno Golf course in the Caribbean, to the inspiring experiences that it has to offer, spread in 7000 acres of land, like Marina, beaches, spa, and every adventure sport you can think of. The highlight for someone who’s looking to spend some quality time with a special someone, like you, is boating on the lake in Casa de Campo. A lot of conversation can unfurl over a boat ride. The hustle and bustle of our busy lives takes away a lot from us. So here is the opportunity to just row a boat away from your troubles in one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole of Spain, and enjoy the little pleasures of life. If the boating gets you tired, you can relax on one of their beaches, and enjoy a meal cooked with love, and served with passion, in their restaurants. 
  • Looking at the setting sun at the Temple of Debod:

  • No matter the times, watching sunset with your lover will always be one of the plainest, yet exciting, refreshing, and romantic experiences that you can have. What would be a better spot to watch the sun setting, than the center of Madrid! The Temple of Debod, was a part of Egypt, and was close to the Nile river alongside Aswan. Spain, helped Egypt in saving the Abu Simbel temples, which are now a UNESCO world heritage site. To express their gratitude for the same, Egypt donated the Temple of Debod to Spain, in 1968. The temple was then rebuilt near the Royal Palace of Madrid, and it was not until 1972, that people got to witness the newly relocated Temple of Debod, which is a UNESCO heritage site too. Being in the center of the city, and coupled with the beautiful sunset, as a couple, you must be wanting to take a picture, and tell your loved one about the depth of your feelings. Enjoy the beautiful sunset in the heart of the city, and go for a romantic walk thereafter, and see your partner melt in awe of the romance genius that you are. 
  • Surprise your partner at El Café de la Ópera:

  • El Café de la Ópera, is one of the most romantic restaurants that you can take your partner out for a date to. It would be a surprise for your loved ones, but we will tell you right here about what you should be expecting from the place. First of all, the place is easy to reach, as it’s very close to the Royal Palace, and after seeing the sunset at Temple of Debod, you can walk to the restaurant. When you are enjoying your meal with your partner after walking, and they are counting their blessings while enjoying the gorgeous spread, that’s when the waiters come to your table and interact with you in a rather special way. They sing opera for you! Yes, the waiters are in fact a musical theatre, and opera company, who will sing songs of love for you and your partner. Your partner might not be a huge fan of opera, but the gesture would surely sweep them off their feet, and make them fall heads over heels, all over you, again!
  • Replenish at Arab Baths:

  • All the travelling, and the constant amusement of the experiences offered by Madrid, might wear you and your partner out. That makes for just about the right time and opportunity, to try the Arab Baths, which are right in the middle of Madrid. Imagine soaking in relaxing waters, with your loved ones, in the peace and tranquility of night, amidst aromas of nature, and heavenly fragrances. The fatigue will whoosh away from you, the instant you take a dip. Oftentimes, we forget that romance is not just unreal gestures, but also stopping to adore the simple pleasures of life. Your partner will love you for taking such good care of them. To top it off, follow the bath with a massage of essential oils, and it’ll re-energize you and your partner for sure! It’d set your night up perfectly for a late night candle light dinner with the love of your life, and would elevate your experience to its fullest. 
  • Harry Potter, but romantic- Capricho Park:

  • If you or your partner are potterheads, you must remember the maze sequence in Goblet of fire. We’re all game for anything remotely close to anything Harry Potter, and Capricho Park is just the right thing! Made in 1918 as a maze, but for romantic hide and seek, the Capricho Park, is filled with secret hideouts, and is woven beautifully in 3 parts, the parterre, the Italian garden, and the English garden. While the resemblance might be uncanny, we’re sure a fan of the franchise would love to relate to the similarity. The place is only open on weekends, so make sure your itinerary takes that into account, and you plan your time accordingly. 


Don’t forget soccer, if you or your partner likes it! You can always watch an exciting game of soccer, and plan your visit during the game season! After all, life is about the simple pleasures, and Madrid has something for everyone! *wink*