Calvin Klein Eternity Air Women First Impression

The first impression of the Calvin Klein Eternity Air Women fragrance is not quite as strong as that of its men’s counterpart. But the scent does possess some similarities. Listed below are some of the similarities between the men’s and women’s fragrances. Also, check the price of the men’s and women’s fragrances.

Men’s fragrance

Eternity Air opens with a fresh, airy aroma, with notes of lavender and juniper. Light mandarin and a seaweed/saltwater combination also come through. Overall, Eternity Air reminds me of Tommy Bahama’s Maritime Journey and Light Blue Eau Intense.

A floral cologne, Eternity Air Women Perfume  also contains ambroxan, a similar ingredient to Creed’s ambergris finish. The scent also has a dry down that’s complex but not overwhelmingly masculine. It’s still a Calvin Klein scent, but it’s a little boring.

This fragrance is a classic for a reason: it has been admired by men for decades. Its masculine and transitional smell makes it a versatile scent for every occasion. It also comes in a classy blue bottle and is appropriate for all occasions.

Women’s fragrance

Eternity Air is a modern interpretation of femininity that embraces the contrasts found in nature. Its floral and fruity notes are tempered by the refreshing sky accord and a touch of muguet. The result is a scent that’s both exhilarating and sensual.

This is a flanker by a new perfumer, which is meant to entice the clueless into impulse purchases. Compared to the pillars, flankers are few and far between, since the 2000s. In the meantime, the fragrance has been a hit with many women.

The scent has a floral and fruity character, with citrus notes at the top and ozonic notes at the heart. Cedar and deep ambergris are also present in the base. This fragrance is a great choice for a warm, sunny day. It is 3.3 oz and free shipping.

Similarity to men’s fragrance

Eternity Air for Men is similar to the women’s fragrance, but lighter. It’s a light ambroxan/aquatic hybrid that’s well-thought out. It doesn’t have the heaviness of heavy amberwoods and lasts about three hours on the skin, which is great for casual use. The only downfall of Eternity Air for Men is its overall cloying character.

Eternity Air is a lightweight, airy scent with hints of lavender and juniper. The scent also features a touch of mandarin and seaweed/saltwater. It reminds me of Tommy Bahama’s Maritime Journey and Light Blue Eau Intense.

Eternity Air for Men is an eau de toilette that captures different shades of atmosphere and is both a male and female scent. The floral-fruity scent opens with an accord that evokes the sky and is followed by a blend of lavender, violet leaves, and fresh mandarin oil. It is an expression of contemporary sophistication.

Where to buy

If you’re looking for a new cologne that’s sure to turn heads, you’ll want to find a place to purchase Calvin Klein Eternity Air Women. The cologne first came out in 2018 and was a big hit. You can find the fragrance online or at your local department store. You can also reserve a reservation online and pay for your purchase in person.

This ethereal scent captures the nuances of the sky and pure oxygen, and ties into the essence of everlasting love. Calvin Klein Eternity Air for Women begins with a fresh sky accord that is complemented by sparkling grapefruit and black currant. Then, it introduces a flowery note with an undercurrent of pear. The base is soft and feminine, rounded out with hints of cedarwood and ambergris.


If you want to make a feminine impression, Calvin Klein Eternity Air is a great fragrance. It features floral and citrus notes that evoke feelings of freedom and femininity. The scent is very light and calming on the skin. Its top notes are composed of citrus and ozonic notes while its heart notes are composed of a mix of peony and pear. The base notes consist of skin musk and ambergris.

It is available in the United States. It is sold in various retail stores worldwide. Its main product line includes men’s suits, women’s tailored clothing, golf apparel, underwear, fragrances, footwear, and handbags. It also offers a wide variety of home furnishings and eyewear.


Calvin Klein Eternity Air for Women is a fresh, floral scent inspired by the air we breathe. The fragrance is soft and airy, reminiscent of soft blue skies and gently moving clouds. It’s a fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. The fragrance contains a combination of floral, ozonic, and rich notes, which combine to create a complex, yet enchanting fragrance.

The scent is reminiscent of fresh air and the feeling of a new day. Its citrus, floral notes make it an uplifting scent that energizes the wearer. This feminine scent is especially suited for warm spring and summer days. The blue color of the fragrance pays tribute to the element while hints at its sexiness.