Plagiarism, Citation, and Referencing in Assignment Writing

Being a University student, you might face many issues in the process of writing your assignment effortlessly. The confusion, following the proper structure, and the pressure of submission deadlines. It is tough for the student to perform efficiently. As a result, they face a downfall in their academic grades. If you are pursuing higher education from a globally ranked university. Then you are inclined to strictly follow the university guidelines while writing an assignment.

There are a few things that need to be checked and followed in every circumstance referencing, Plagiarism and citation. You should be well aware of these aspects of academic writing that can either make or shake your grades drastically. In order to get the best understanding of how to avoid any mistake in your assignment and to ensure that you must follow all the aspects of writing, it is better to take Assignment help from the experts of assignment writing companies. As a student, you need to understand the whole concept, structure and importance of these main pillars of academic writing. You should know the basic fundamentals of citing and referencing and make your content plagiarism free.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything essential aspect that you need to know in order to make your assignment impressive. It will help you get grades just like you wanted in your scorecard.

Let’s start with knowing everything about referencing,


Referencing is the act of giving credit and acknowledging the sources and references which have been used by you in the process of writing your assignment. It is the basic fundamental to make your assignment plagiarism free. Referencing also prevents your content from being the victim of plagiarism, and a well referencing will verify your source documentation. An effective referencing makes the reader to have a view of your source documents. Also, makes it easy for them to verify the pieces of information, arguments or thesis provided by you is factual or not. However, the verification is not necessarily essential; it is just that you need to give credit to the relevant sources in the form of referencing.

Benefits of referencing

A proper referencing will help you to make the evident trust of the reader about your research. Researching gives life to your assignment, and a good research gives speed to your writing speed. However, research is the soul of any content writing style, it will benefit you to make factual pieces of evidence for your argument and also it will make an effective impact in front of your professor. 

In the process of referencing, you will come across numerous articles and content about the topic on which you are writing the assignment. It will give you minor details regarding the topic and gives you the structure of how you should write it effectively. And the best part is, whether to accept it or not, referencing will prevent your content from plagiarism too.

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Citation is another major pillar of essential aspect while writing your assignment. In order to reference efficiently, it is important for you to note down and mention the details of the author in a structural manner. The structure includes; the date, title, and publication details of any stuff you use. For web pages, don’t forget to mention e-journals and e-books, and also make sure the URL you mention down there as a source should be in working condition. This makes you into a good academic practice and ensures that you are not going to face any problems in the future in order to find the sources you have used even after months, weeks, or years. Anyone can easily have access to the source of information right at the time one starts reading it. You can identify sources by looking into the list that you have cited in the text while writing your assignment. These are also known as in-text citations, whereas citing them at the end is called end-text citations.   


Plagiarism is basically a term that denotes stealing another’s work and claiming it as your own without giving the original author any credit for it. In order to write content, you are required to research for sure. But the only difference is the research is only to have an idea about the topic and get an overview of its structure and material. This doesn’t mean you should copy it, but you can definitely take reference from it. Using others’ references and ideas without making them on your own will make your content plagiarism. There comes a time when you have to quote down one’s saying or statement in order to support your argument. In such cases, you can cite down the source ib between the text or at the end of the text to avoid it from plagiarism. If you don’t do the same, then in the end, your published content will be considered stolen property of others.

Significance of Plagiarism in Academic Writing

Every content should be unique in the eyes of the reader. You should always check the plagiarism rate while finalising your content and include it in your assignment. Experts you find in the business offering Urgent Assignment Help ensure that they will provide you with the best and the most unique assignment that is free from any kind of plagiarism. An ideal academic writer is well aware of the consequences of plagiarised content. Hence, they will avoid copying any information from the source and writing it as it is. However, you must rely on effective research and portray it in your own words. Eventually, understanding is something you should definitely work for.