Top Waterproof Window Blinds. Why You Should Buy Some?

Water is the backbone of life. It is required by every living organism to keep on going on its journey on this planet. Non-living things are also in need of it to stay in existence like all kinds of plants. But water can also cause damage, indeed a very bad one.

For many things, water is a damaging factor including window coverings. We are here only to focus on window blinds, indeed they are the top trending and hottest window coverings today. Window blinds are a huge family. Many styles and designs, enough to make the selection quite messy for one.

If you are concerned with durability and it is recommended that you should be then you need to be aware of the things that bring durability. Mainly durability comes from quality, you should opt for that. We are here to brief a statement about a thing that can cause serious damage to your window blind quality and that thing is water.

You can cope with this damage with waterproof materials. There are window blinds that are made from materials that are impressively waterproof. Mostly they are synthetic materials. So where do you need waterproof window blinds, in every place where humidity and moisture are on a high. Like bathrooms and kitchens.

Let’s dive in for a better understanding. Note: All these are our observations and recommendations.

Venetian Blinds

They are from the top window coverings indeed. Very sleek and modern. Enough for that class that you want from a window blind. Huge range of colors to go for a nice one for your place. Highly customizable for your personalization. They are also good at maintaining the privacy and managing light so you have an interior of your mood.
Venetian blinds are made from a number of materials, from natural to synthetic. Provide the buyers with a lot of options so they pick a nice one for them. Our only concern here is waterproofing so our recommendation is to go with Venetian blinds made from faux wood, a synthetic PVC material.

Pvc is like waterproofing at its best. It’s a kind of plastic and everyone knows the fact that plastic has no such issue with water. On the other hand, they look so sleek that mostly it is not easy to pick that they are not made from real wood, faux wood is quite similar to real wood in just looks.

Faux Wood Blinds

The name tells the whole thing. They are entirely made from faux wood. I know that I already brief faux wood above us as these specific types of window blinds are totally faux wood and popular too, so they deserve a few lines.

Faux wood blinds are made in the sense that they mimic their real counterparts a.k.a wooden blinds. Real wood blinds are luxurious, enough to compete with any high-end window coverings of today. But in a sense of waterproofing, they got outclassed by their duplicates. Real wood got seriously damaged by water everyone knows that.

In places like bathrooms and kitchens, faux wood blinds surely shine. Not only good at waterproofing but also consider one of the top options for glamour. Also, the best options when privacy is the main concern for you. Quite like the real wooden blinds as they can be considered for bedrooms for effective light control and impressive privacy.

Vertical Blinds

They are one of the top and hot window blind options today. Due to their simple but effective design and functionality, they look classy and modern. Vertical blinds are totally synthetic there is no such option for natural materials. I think this is likely because of their vertical design.

They look sleek. Highly recommended for large windows. Avoid them installing on small windows as they look quite awkward and unfinished there. Vertical blinds are synthetic so any material you buy is going to be effective in waterproofing but we recommend you buy one made with PVC for maximum safety from water.

As you know now that vertical blinds are classy and modern but they didn’t done yet here. They are also one of the cheapest window blinds on the markets. So by going for vertical blinds you are going to enjoy much on less.

PVC Roller Blinds

PVC is mentioned in the title, I think that is enough to brief this one but there is something unique about these window blinds. They are different from standard window blinds. If you are familiar with window blinds just even for a bit you surely know that window blinds have slats as their main cause of functionality also window blinds are material based but these are totally different.

There are no slats and no hard material either. There is an up and down mechanism as their main functionality. Cheap roller blinds are fabric based. Made of a couple of high-end fabrics. In your case you are concerned with waterproofing then they have that support for you.