Car insurance is essential for owners/drivers who want to protect themselves and their vehicles. The insurance cover helps with car repairs in case of an accident, as well as pays for the lost income in the case of a crash. There are several different types of car insurance, and drivers can save money by comparing prices and buying insurance from a reputed company like Acko car insurance. Comparing car insurance policies offline can be difficult, but it has become a quick and easy thing when done online. Comprehensive car insurance will cover everything from theft to collisions along with many other benefits.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage adds extra layers of security to your car. This type of car insurance covers damage caused by natural or human-made events such as floods or earthquakes. You’ll also get coverage if your car is stolen or if you hit someone with your vehicle. Additionally, comprehensive insurance usually has unlimited mileage limits and offers roadside assistance in the form of an add-on. This type of coverage is usually at an extra cost compared to collision coverage. However, it’s worth the extra cost since it covers more scenarios and provides more help to drivers in trouble. You can easily get the best-selling ACKO car insurance online. 

The comprehensive car insurance also covers all parts of a car, including the body, chassis, engine, and transmission. This type of insurance usually costs more than other types but offers more security against potential car damages or theft. Comprehensive car insurance covers crash damage as well as theft or vandalism to your car. The additional cost is worth it if you’ve ever had to pay for car repair after a crash or if you’ve had a car stolen. In these situations, comprehensive insurance would cover the cost of replacing damaged parts or replacing the car completely. This insurance also covers any lost wages from vehicle crew members who are on extended or indefinite time schedules due to injuries sustained in an accident.

The following are the key features of Comprehensive car insurance from Acko.

  • In a single plan, you get mutually the lawfully required third-party protection and coverage against reparations to your car.
  • Cashless reparation in a network garage in any misfortunate event of your assured car supporting unplanned damages.
  • Coverage counter to third-party responsibilities like accidental damage, demise, or damage to belongings caused to a third party.
  • Reimbursement for charges arising from indemnities triggered by natural and artificial calamities like arson, torrents, riots, etc.
  • Protection in the event of your car getting stolen or if it gets damaged beyond the scope of reparation.
  • Opportunity to choose add-ons for additional customization and increase the coverage of the plan.

ACKO car insurance is one of the established and best-selling motor insurance plans in India. So, you can purchase it without any second thought. 

Here are some of the main benefits of Comprehensive car insurance:

  • Cover Against Weather disasters: 

The third-party insurance only covers the damages sustained by any third party involved in an accident or collision with you. It would not cover you in situations where a third party isn’t involved, similar to a rainfall disaster or natural disaster. This might be a downpour tide, quake, or any other natural calamity. When it comes to comprehensive insurance, you’re covered in case of damage sustained by natural disasters. So, get your comprehensive motor insurance from ACKO car insurance today. 

  • Cover Against Man-Made Acts:

Likewise, you would be cover against man-made acts of damage to your vehicles, similar to theft or burglary. In similar situations, third-party content would not cover you and therefore comprehensive insurance is largely recommend. It would help you redeem a considerable amount of the financial losses if you’re ever in an unfortunate situation similar to theft. 

  • Includes Third Party Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance from Acko car insurance is a combination of third-party insurance and own damage insurance, and therefore it has all the benefits of third-party insurance. It’ll take care of any arrears you acquire if you’re in an accident with a third party, for illustration damage to their vehicle or medical bills for the third party. therefore, there’s no reason not to utilize comprehensive car insurance as it would cover you in all the cases that third-party insurance would.

Comprehensive car insurance charges can vary and some factors that influence the cost are your:


  • Driving history
  • Car’s model and oldness
  • Deductible sum


If you plan to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan, picking a higher deductible can help lower the charge of your premium. Still, it also means you’ll have to pay extra from your pocket if you have an accident. In utmost cases, you’ll need to base your deductible prime on your car’s actual cash value (ACV).


Car insurance is essential for protecting yourself, your family, and your property when driving a vehicle. However, not all drivers understand what type of coverage they need or buy the wrong coverage for themselves. Comprehensive car insurance from Acko car insurance is the most popular type of car insurance because it covers all parts of your vehicle. By acquiring this plan, you can avoid high insurance rates and avoid possible legal repercussions.