Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips For Healing As Quickly as Possible

If you recently had tummy tuck surgery, then all you need to focus on the recovery. Although the recovery period or the duration of the overall recovery varies from a person to person. Here are some of the tips that allow you to have a smooth recovery in a time when the post-surgery period appears to be tough. You can deal with a number of complications arising from this period through the tips mentioned in this write-up. 

Maintain hygiene at the place of surgery 

The very important as well as mandatory thing is to maintain hygiene. At the place of the wound as well as the area surrounding the part, it is important to be hygienic. Since there are a number of products to make sure that you don’t mess up, make sure that you take care of the hygiene. 

You must take care of the cleanliness as well as the clothes you wear. Let your body stay away from every infection, that might be the result of the surgical equipment. 

Do the dressing carefully 

Dressing, the activity of putting on and off the necessary clothing or any band, as per the suggestion of the doctor, is to be done carefully. You must take care of the dressings that you are going to do. The type of dressing that you do is necessary to make sure that it doesn’t hurt. 

You might take the help of someone medically experienced to forge dressing activity carefully. It is a tip to keep the pain away while dressing after the tummy tuck surgery.  

Don’t go out in the sun 

If possible, make sure that you don’t go out in the sun. Or if required, go for a short time duration. Any delay or exposure to the sun might affect the skin. The sunlight might cause irritation and redness in the scars developed due to the surgery. Also, it may worsen the pain and bleeding in the skin. 

It is, thus, advisable to take care of the time that you are going to spend in the sun. This is important of you need to go out but you must reduce the time of spending time 

Wear a compression garment over the bandage and beneath the clothes 

The doctor would give a compression garment to wear over the bandage to avoid getting hurt in the scars. These scars are subject to pain and irritation. However, you must regularly wear the garment until they are advised to remove it. Wearing this will prevent any harmful effects from the complications that may arise from the surgery.

Take care of the placement of the garment. Placing it too below or above the dressing may hurt the scars. With the help of a compression badge, you can compress the scars. Make sure that you take advantage of this medical comprehension badge.

Avoid lifting heavy objects 

When you are lifting heavy objects, you must know that the muscles around the stomach area are extending. So after you have the tummy tuck surgery, you must restrain from taking the weight of heavy objects. Any weight that might contribute to the extension of your muscles may be harmful and unadvisable. 

The period of restraining from heavy weight lifting is dependent per person and subject to the advice of your doctor. Avoid any such work that involves you in weight lifting and similar tasks. For ease of convenience, consider asking the experts for post-tummy tuck surgery advice. 

Ask your doctor before returning to a normal lifestyle 

Always remember, the time period to return to your normal lifestyle is advisable after the advice of your doctor. After following all the precautions, you need to ask your doctor and make sure that you can make a return to your old lifestyle. Be it physical activities, dressing, exercise, yoga, or any other thing, ask your doctor. 

There are a number of factors required to view and research about, before making sure that you are fit and fine to go for normal functioning. The human body takes some time period to adapt to the changes that come after the surgery


Obesity is an issue that is faced by a number of people all over the world. No matter what the age group is, the thing to know is that obesity is curable. One of the options for this the surgery. However, you might have to deal with a number of problems. If you consider the above-mentioned ideas in this write-up, then you must be able to cope with the period dealing with the post-recovery period. Your search for plastic surgery clinics in Dubai would end here. If you come in contact with the right people, dealing with the complications is not a problem.