Tired of the plain and simple wall tiles design? Or you have picked a lovely paint for the walls. But with that, you also got some dull and blank walls for life!
Minimalist or maximalist—you don’t want boring walls. The good news is a blank wall is just another opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your home.
Muted, bold, neutral, or pastel–no matter the current color shade, here are some tasteful ideas to level up the empty walls.

Cover up with wall rags

Don’t want to use any paint right now? There are countless ideas for designing the wall without a single paintbrush. One of the widespread wall decor ideas is a wall rag.
Tapestries are popular among college kids, but you can utilize them too. If you’re into the bohemian decor, this is a staple for your interior.
Just like rags are an excellent idea to adorn your floor, you can get an admirable wall by hanging a rag with an abstract design.
There are both smaller and bigger rags available according to the size of the wall. You can buy a stylish one or make one at home with a basic canvas drop and marker pen.

Undertone with confetti sticker

This idea might interest you if you are still deciding whether to use big elements like a rag or multiple colors on your wall.
Peel and stick confetti will look simple, but it will still boost the look of the walls. As they are one self-adhesive sticker, you can use them hassle-free.
There are different options if you are comfortable exploring colors and glitter in small shapes. You can also pick from different shapes if you want.
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Prettify with wallcoverings

Want to try some bold and bright colors? Then you might like to decorate the wall with coverings.
Wall coverings are like wallpapers except that they are more durable. You can create an accent wall or display some patterns with wall coverings.
For small spaces like an upstairs kitchen or a tiny room, wall covering will allow the small space to have more impact on your entire house.
With various colors in a wallcovering, you can achieve a maximalist appearance in congested rooms.

Catch the light with mirrors

Mirrors are another form of artwork. So, they are another option for bringing life into a dull wall. It reflects light. So, if you want to brighten a space, the idea of using a mirror is appealing.
Additionally, mirrors can make a room feel bigger! You can display one oversized mirror or hang multiple small panels on a wall.

Spice up with fun family photos

Don’t want to apply wallcovering or any wallpaper? No problem— because you have got loads of family photos. To decorate a wall, you can go beyond photos from a matching outfit occasion or everyone smiling perfectly in front of a birthday cake.
You must have some fulfilling memories with your family. Make a copy of those photos to use on an empty wall. After that, the wall will be full of fun memories that will feel like artwork.
This idea appeals to you more if you want to personalize a space or be surrounded by the things you love.

Enrich with big-piece artwork

Why not use some actual artwork? Arts are common for interiors because they never fail to amaze.
Big art pieces are for big and small walls. If you have a small wall, you can hang an oversized mirror over that. For big walls, a series of small artwork would look better. The paintings will command attention.
You will find uncountable contemporary artworks. There is minimalist balance and white art, also colorful abstract art too.

Make more space with shelving

Shelving is another smart idea to dress up a wall. If you are a book lover, you will love this. Assuming that you buy books frequently, there might be little space left on your first bookshelf.
So, you could be using the floor space now. You can clear the floor with an extra bookshelf hanging on a wall.
Also, if you consider making some spaces for more home decor, consider using shelves on the wall. It will look intriguing if you keep both hardcover books and small sculptures.

Final remarks

People have different relationships with blank walls. Some find bare walls refreshing. But for some, it gets monotonous at a point. Gladly, an empty wall is like a blank canvas to express yourself.
Popular ways to refresh boring walls are art stickers, mirrors, artwork, rags, photos, and shelves. Get more details about the ideas for wall decor.
Whether you collect art or book, these wall decor ideas mentioned above will inspire you to amp up the look. Nevertheless, don’t limit yourself to these few additions.
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