5 Reasons Why Business Prefer Custom Packaging Boxes

The benefits of custom packaging boxes are many. Branding, Safety, Environmental impact, and cost are just a few of the reasons why business should choose custom boxes over other materials. The next time you need to choose a box for your products, consider a few of these benefits. Let’s take a look. What makes a custom box better for your business? Weigh the pros and cons of each before you decide to purchase your next box.


A logo on the packaging of a product has many advantages. It helps to establish a brand identity, as customers are more likely to buy a product that has a brand name on it. The same goes for a monthly subscription business: if the parcel does not have a brand name, the customer may not even remember it. Having a custom box with a logo, however, makes the product look more appealing. This, in turn, leads to repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

One of the most compelling benefits of branding custom packaging boxes for business is the ability to reach potential customers. The right design can generate buzz about the product and the brand, which helps generate business. Whether the packaging is attractive or unattractive, consumers always choose a branded product over a locally-made one. A branded box increases the circle of potential customers, which means you’ll be able to keep your current customers and attract new ones.


When you use custom-made boxes for your business, you’re not just using any old box. Instead, you’re ensuring that your product is safe from the elements. With well-crafted custom boxes, your product is protected against harsh external conditions and poor handling. Additionally, they should have minimal waste and provide optimal protection. But how do you choose the right boxes for your business? Keep reading for more information. Here are five things to consider when choosing custom-made boxes for your business.

When choosing a custom-made box for your business, consider the type of materials you’ll be using. Some materials, such as corrugated-board, are extremely strong. A rigid box offers excellent protection and can withstand a lot of pressure. Another important feature is its ability to withstand pressure. Corrugated-board and cardboard are among the toughest materials on the market. When you’re choosing a custom-made box for your business, think about the material and shape of your product. A sturdy box will prevent any damage or loss to the product.

Environmental impact

When it comes to custom packaging, the environmental impact of your boxes should be a major concern. In addition to the aesthetics of your boxes, you should be aware of any regulations that govern the production and packaging of your products. For example, you should try to choose packaging materials made from recycled materials and compostable or recyclable products. According to recent reports, more than 48% of consumers are willing to change their consumption habits if they are aware of the environmental impact of their purchases.

There are many benefits of using eco-friendly custom packaging. For one, custom packaging is more environmentally friendly, which helps the environment. In addition, custom packaging boxes are more affordable than ever, so you can buy them in bulk and enjoy discounts. For example, if you need hundreds of boxes for your company’s products, you can order them at wholesale rates. And since bulk orders are often made from recycled materials, you can also take advantage of discounts that are offered by many packaging companies.


The cost of custom packaging boxes for business can vary widely. The materials and type of boxes can affect the price. Some companies have smaller tools and require less tooling than others. If you need a larger number of boxes, you’ll have to invest in a more expensive machine. Fortunately, Pakible offers online pricing and live chat support. You can request free mockups or chat with a representative. The cost of custom packaging boxes for business depends on what you need, its size, material, quantity, and style.

If you’re planning to ship your product internationally, you’ll want to choose the most efficient shipping method. Ground shipping is generally the most affordable option, but the cost can be expensive because the weight of the item is considered to be a dimensional factor. In addition, the boxes must fit into a certain size, making the final cost more expensive. Therefore, it is important to know the exact dimensions of your items before you choose a carrier.


Custom packaging boxes have many benefits for businesses. For one thing, they have a much higher visibility than standard boxes. People tend to share their experiences when unboxing products on social media, so creating the right unboxing experience is important to get the most visibility and gain loyal customers. Another benefit of custom packaging is that they’re more social media friendly, making them a great passive marketing tool. These advantages can translate to increased sales and better visibility for businesses.

Another advantage of custom boxes is that they increase brand recognition. When packaging products, custom boxes showcase products in the most creative way. This way, potential customers can easily identify your business. Moreover, you can include details about your business on these boxes, including your website, address, and phone number. Having these details printed on your boxes can be very helpful for potential customers who may want to contact you or place an order.

Boost in sales

It’s no longer enough to produce a good product and place it in a box; custom packaging also boosts sales. According to a recent survey by DotCom distribution, organizations with premium packaging see an increase in sales of five percent or more. As the primary impression of a product, custom boxes can help boost sales. A study by DotCom also found that 52% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from a retailer.