Geographically, Kansas is at the middle of the United States. This is just one of the many motives, however, Kansas is known as the Heart of America. Kansas is a piece of the kingdom of America, boasting views of the Great Plains with a lot of history.


Thanks to the Wizard of Oz, many human beings think of it as an area to get away, but there are simply lots of outstanding places to go to in Kansas.


Fort Scott National Historic Site 

In the mid-nineteenth century, Kansas can be described as a frontier vicinity. The agreement changed into ongoing, however a navy presence became needed to cozy American borders. Fort Scott turned into built in 1842, and become a key aspect in both the American Civil War and Bleeding Kansas, a dispute that led to slavery even before the National War.

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Today, the Fort Scott National Historic Site may be satisfactory explored on a guided tour. You can tour eleven historically accurate buildings with 30 provided rooms, every giving you a glimpse of lifestyles from extra than 150 years ago.


Oz Museum [view map]

On the banks of the Kansas River is the small metropolis of Wamego. However, don’t allow the scale of Wamego idiot you: it is one of the country’s most up to date sights! Wamego is where you may locate the Oz Museum, a museum dedicated to all things wizard Oz.


Within the gathering, you can see authentic books, present day collectibles and memorabilia from the enduring film. Some of the extra uncommon and sudden artifacts include original silent films, which may be viewed onsite, in addition to ruby ​​slippers protected with hundreds of Swarovski crystals!

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Monument Rocks

The Chalk Pyramids, also called Monument Rocks, may be found in Gove County in northwest Kansas. This geological landmark is one of the herbal wonders of the kingdom. Monumental rocks are, by way of a few estimates, greater than 80 million years antique.


Some rock formations are over 70 ft tall, and those you won’t want to overlook are referred to as Charlie the Dog and Eye of the Needle. Look intently, and you can see shells and even entire fossils in the rock itself.


Cosmos [see map]

Located in downtown Hutchinson is The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, recognized honestly as Cosmosphere. It is the second largest area museum on earth, and is full of captivating attractions and exhibitions. At the Carey Digital Dome Theatre, you may watch films approximately area exploration on a -tale, vaulted screen.

You also can see exhibits from the Dr. Goddard’s Lab, which takes viewers back to the Nineteen Thirties whilst rocketry as a area become growing. The Space Museum’s Cosmosphere Hall is home to the most important collection of Russian and American space artifacts anywhere inside the world, and you can even see and contact the actual spacecraft.


Lindsborg [view map]

One of the maximum attractive locations in Kansas is Lindsborg. This small metropolis turned into settled by means of Swedish immigrants inside the late nineteenth century. Today it is known as Little Sweden. There are many shops and historical sights that embody the neighborhood Swedish history.


At the blacksmith’s store, stroll beyond to grab a cup of locally roasted coffee. With a boost of caffeine, you’ll be prepared to explore the Swedish Pavilion. This landmark turned into built over one hundred years ago for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, transported without delay to Little Sweden, where it now serves as a center for the humanities at Bethany College.


Lindsborg is domestic to many fairs and all of them entice huge crowds. Perhaps the maximum famous is Svensk Hilmingfest, which functions Swedish dancing, making a song, parades and colorful Swedish costumes.


Dodge City

Western Kansas is home to Dodge City, that is synonymous with the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Dodge became built in Kansas inside the 19th century to guard the settlers who settled on the trail. It changed into a image of the Wild West, which is why we now have the expression, “Get out of the circumvent.”


Today, however, Dodge is a splendid area to be, and it is full of records and things to explore. You can still go to Fort Dodge, and you may also go to the Boot Hill Museum. This museum functions a complete reconstruction of Dodge City as it changed into visible in 1876, and such things as gun battles and chuckwagon dinners are all part of the enchantment.


Eisenhower Presidential Library [See Map]

There is a small metropolis in critical Kansas referred to as Abilene this is domestic to an impressive and traditionally good sized enchantment. The Eisenhower Presidential Library is positioned in Abilene, and it’s far dedicated to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum as well as Eisenhower’s boyhood domestic.


The Eisenhower Presidential Library is a pinnacle-notch research facility packed with millions of books, snap shots, and artifacts. Exhibits alternate frequently and revolve round Eisenhower’s existence, his presidency, and Kansas history.


Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve [see map]

Only 4 percent of the tall grasses local to AmericaCharities nevertheless exist today, but Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve desires to protect what remains. Located outside of Strong City, this maintain is home to several miles of trekking trails. Some historic homes are preserved, inclusive of the nineteenth-century Spring Hill Ranch House and Limestone Barn.


The flora and fauna are a large enchantment, and the prairie blooms with colourful flowers in spring. Since 2009, a herd of bison has also been roaming the blanketed area, an effort to reintroduce them to this natural landscape.


Lawrence [view map]

If you’re seeking out nightlife, arts, and way of life, one of the pinnacle towns in Kansas is Lawrence. The city is domestic to the University of Kansas, which enables make up for its younger, progressive population and bohemian ecosystem.


Lawrence wanders around Massachusetts Street, the principle drag line with an abundance of art galleries, independent eateries, and old fashioned or vintage boutiques. As a university city, the location is likewise domestic to plenty of exceptional nearby breweries and nightlife spots.