Double Profit For The Incurred Cost On Gojek Clone App Development

Entrepreneurs only need to launch the Gojek Clone app to make more money. It is one of the easiest ways to launch a fully-fledged business online and make double profits. One, the entrepreneur will earn their primary income from the commissions on every service or subscription plan. Two, the extra money will inflow from other sources like in-app advertising, cancellation fee, and surcharge. 


Let’s discuss how the entrepreneur can make money through the Gojek-like app. 


Gojek-like App: Primary Source of Income 

There are two profit-centric business models through which the app can make big bucks! 


  • Earning commissions 

Entrepreneurs earn commissions on every service that is rendered through the app. The entrepreneur himself sets the commission rate for every service offered on the platform. These rates may differ from service to service. For instance, a taxi driver may have to pay a 10% commission on every ride, while a beautician might have to pay a 12% commission on every service. 


  • Membership subscription plans 

The entrepreneur designs the Gojek Clone app subscription plans. Every plan has a different time validity, features, and price. Based on the provider’s requirements, they can purchase the plans and choose to renew on expiration or upgrade! 


Subscription plans are different from commissions as here, providers don’t have to pay a certain percentage of their income! It is the lump sum or the one-time payment that providers make to use the digitized platform and earn their income. 


Gojek-like App: Generating Extra bucks 

Yes! You heard that right! With this on-demand multi-service app, entrepreneurs can make extra money without having to invest more than a four-figure. Here are a few ways entrepreneurs make more: 


  • Cancellation fee 

The cancellation fee is charged to the customers who decide to make last-minute cancellations in their bookings. The calculation of the fee depends on the entrepreneur. They can either choose to deduct a fixed amount or a certain percentage! No matter what, the amount is credited to the entrepreneur’s account.


In short, you can consider the cancellation fee as a penalty for last-minute booking cancellations. 


  • Surcharge 

Surcharge on the Gojek Clone app is levied when during peak hours, holidays, or when the customers book a service in bad weather conditions. It is the extra amount charged in addition to the service charge, the tax, and the actual price of the service. The complete breakdown of the fare is available in the invoice summary. 


  • In-app advertising 

Third-party Google/Facebook ads can be integrated into the app’s home screen. Now, each of these apps enables the entrepreneur to earn money with every click. For instance, if someone clicks on the ad shown on the app, the entrepreneur will gain a certain amount say $4. 


The third party pays the entrepreneur for every click because, through their app, the third party’s business and traffic are improving! 


But how do you know whether the chosen solution is a fit for your business or not? To ensure that the chosen solution is perfect for you or not, check for these factors: 


  • It must have all the necessary features! 
  • The integrated services must be fruitful for the customers. 
  • The solution must promise a higher ROI. 
  • The final solution must be market-ready within 1 to 2 weeks. 



On the concluding note, let’s make sure that the Gojek Clone app you’re purchasing is the product of a well-established white-labeling firm. The firm with years of experience in the industry and global recognition is capable of bringing you immense prosperity. 


So, grab the on-demand multi-service app today!