How SEO Inc Changed the Landscape of Online Marketing

What is SEO Inc.?

SEO Inc. has been a staple in the SEO community for over two decades. The company was founded in 1997 by CEO and President Tony Keung. SEO Inc. is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, and has an office in New York City. From the beginning, SEO Inc.’s mission has been to help large and small companies improve their online visibility and organic search rankings.

How was SEO Inc. founded?

SEO Inc. started as a one-person operation by Tony Keung out of his home office. In the early days, SEO Inc.’s clients were primarily small businesses in the local area that were looking to get a leg up on their competition. Within a few years, SEO Inc. had established itself as a premier provider of SEO services and began to attract more prominent clients from all over the country. By 2005, SEO Inc. was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the US by Inc. 5000, and Tony Keung was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

The company has remained privately held and profitable since its inception. In 2003, SEO Inc became the first search engine optimization firm to be ISO 9001:2000 certified. In 2007, it again made history as the first firm to receive certification for Quality Management System for IS0 9001:2008.

SEO Inc currently employs over 200 people across 10 locations globally. From their roots in Silicon Valley, they have helped some of the largest companies in the world, including FedEx, Verizon, Manchester City FC, and SEGA, grow their online visibility. Here’s a look at SEO Inc’s timeline and how they have become a leader in the digital marketing space.

Today, SEO Inc. is a leading provider of global digital marketing services with a team of over 200 experts in 10 different countries. The company’s client list includes some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Microsoft, Dell, IBM, and Oracle. As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, SEO Inc. will be there to help its clients navigate the ever-changing waters of SEO and online visibility.

SEO Inc. Over the Years:

SEO Inc.’s Timeline tells a storyline of success, proving they are innovative professionals who have consistently delivered great client results. As technology changes, so have their ability to transition with those changes- whether early on in their company or present day. Their long list of satisfied customers proves they know how to make websites rank and their customers satisfied. Look no further than SEO Inc if you want an excellent digital marketing team.

1997-2000: Early days and founding of SEO Inc.

The late 1990s were a time of significant change in the business world. The proliferation of personal computers and the internet meant businesses could no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to reach their target audiences. Instead, they needed to find a new way to market their products and services, and that’s where SEO came in.

2000-2010: Growth and expansion

As the SEO industry began to grow, so did SEO Inc. They expanded the team and services, becoming one of the best SEO services providing company are present nowdays. During this time, they also opened offices in London and Toronto to better serve their international clients.

2010-present: continued growth and innovation

In 2010, SEO Inc launched its first self-serve product, allowing small businesses to access its proprietary software without purchasing a monthly service plan. Since then, they have continued to innovate, launching new products and services that keep them at the forefront of the SEO industry.

SEO Inc.’s history is one of adaptation and growth. What started as a directory of resources for businesses has morphed into a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies all over the globe increase their visibility online. Yet, as the digital marketing landscape changes, one thing remains constant: SEO Inc.’s commitment to helping its clients succeed. SEO Inc. has been a leading force in digital marketing for over 20 years. They have helped shape how businesses view and utilize digital marketing techniques. In addition, they continue to innovate with new products and services that keep them at the forefront of the industry. Contact SEO Inc. today if you’re looking for help with your digital marketing efforts!

Over the years, SEO Inc. has helped countless businesses achieve higher organic search rankings and increased web traffic. The company’s innovative SEO strategies and cutting-edge technology have set online marketing standards. SEO Inc. remains at the forefront of the industry, always striving to stay ahead of the curve. SEO Inc. is the perfect partner if you’re looking to take your online marketing to the next level. With over two decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, SEO Inc. is the obvious choice for all your SEO needs. Contact SEO Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you reach your full potential online.


Looking to the future, SEO Inc. will continue to lead the way in online marketing, helping businesses of all sizes to reach new heights and achieve their goals. Thanks to SEO Inc., the online marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses are reaping the benefits.