Linksys Router Not Giving Full Speed? Here’s the Solution!

Linksys has a very charming product line when it comes to bankrolling networking routers. That is why no matter whether you do Linksys wireless router setup for a general router or a smart WiFi router, all you will get is a blazing-fast WiFi connection. With that said, the user is not supposed to face speed issues with a WiFi router by Linksys. But, it seems that your Linksys router is not giving full speed. Otherwise, you won’t be surfing the web and looking for a solution to fix the problem.

Well, we can sense what you’re going through. But, what has happened can’t be done. Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with a troubleshooting guide disclosing the hacks to improve the WiFi speed offered by a Linksys router.

Therefore, we suggest you stick to reading and learn how to boost the WiFi performance of a Linksys wireless router. However, before all that, we would like to make you familiar with the factors affecting the performance of your WiFi router.

Factors Affecting Linksys Router Speed

Everything will come later, let’s talk about the connection source between your router and modem first. Is it wireless? If yes, then you must know the correct guidelines for connecting your devices wirelessly. Know that when you connect your router and modem wirelessly, you are not allowed to keep them in two different corners of your house. They must have a clear line of sight for each other.

On the other hand, if your WiFi devices are connected via a wired source i.e. an Ethernet cable, then be sure that the cable used by you is working perfectly. Moreover, it is supposed to fit the Ethernet ports of your devices perfectly. However, if everything is perfect with the connection between your router and modem, then the Linksys router not giving full speed issue might have arisen due to a problem with other factors. What are those factors? Let’s find out:

A. Technical glitches

B. Outdated firmware

C. Signal interference

D. Congested WiFi channel

Now that you’ve learned about the factors affecting the Linksys router speed, let’s reveal what tweaks can be made to them so that you can make the most of your device.

Fixed: Linksys Router Not Giving Full Speed

A. Power Cycle the Router

Power cycling is known to resolve many router-related issues. And, if you do not do it regularly, then your router is most likely to fall a victim to unexpected issues like Linksys error 2123 which will leave you with no option other than configuring the router from scratch. We’re sure that you do not want to get involved in the hassle of setting up the router again.

Therefore, without further ado, power cycle the router. For this purpose, switch it off, wait for some time, and switch it on back. It will resolve technical glitches and provide some rest to the router.

B. Update the Firmware

The next thing in line is to do a firmware update for the router. There is a possibility that the Linksys router not giving full speed issue is an outcome of the outdated version of your router’s firmware. FYI, the router needs to be updated to the latest firmware version so that it can perform up to the mark. Thus, without wasting any time, consider installing the newest version of the firmware.

But, while doing so, make sure that you are uploading the firmware file as per the model number of your wireless router. Otherwise, there is a possibility that your router will not work after that.

C. Remove WiFi Interference

Try to eliminate the maximum number of WiFi interference-creating factors surrounding your WiFi router. Some of their examples are televisions, microwave ovens, Bluetooth gadgets, tracking devices, reflexive surfaces, and objects carrying a large amount of water.

Apart from keeping your WiFi router far from these factors, consider maintaining a distance from thick concrete walls and corners. Doing so will prevent the wireless signals emitted by your home router from getting wasted.

D. Change WiFi Channel

Chances are that you’ve set your Linksys wireless router to work on a congested WiFi channel. This is to inform you that when the network congestion is high, WiFi signals struggle more to travel and hence cause the Linksys router not giving full speed issue.

The only way to solve this problem is to access the linksyssmartwifi URL and change the wireless channel on which the router is operating. But, this time, do not make the mistake of selecting a congested channel.

In a Nutshell

Many reasons work together to cause the Linksys router not giving full speed issue. But, if you have a good hold on the troubleshooting process, you can easily resolve it. We hope that the tips we’ve provided in this post will help you do away with the issue with ease. If yes, then do not forget to drop a word of appreciation in the comment section.