Is Not Working? Let’s Fix!

To your knowledge, is the default web address of the Netgear extender. All the users are using this web address to configure the Netgear extender in their house. This URL not only helps to install the device but also helps you to manage the settings of the extender. But, when users access it, they come across the error not working. If you are also facing the same issue and want to solve it, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will elaborate on some useful and important hacks that you will use to tackle the issue. So let’s start!

Wait! First, we want to tell you about the contributing factors behind not working so that you can understand the situation properly.

Below, we make a list of common reasons:

That is it, now you know the common issues that cause this issue. Let’s learn the troubleshooting tips to remove this problem.

Fix: Not Working

Check Internet Connectivity
Foremost, the thing you need to do is check the internet connection on your device. There is a chance that your device does not get the proper speed of internet from the internet service provider. If you find the slow speed of your device, then contact your ISP and tell them to fix the speed as soon as possible.

Cross-Check the Cables
Some users make a wired connection between the extender and router to make a strong connection. If you have also made use of the Ethernet cable then you have to take a small check on the Ethernet to ensure that the cable is damaged free.
Apart from it, also check the Ethernet ports of the devices. Because sometimes Ethernet ports are not cleaned properly or are damaged which creates network problems. So, make sure that all the ports of devices are clean.

Remove WiFi Interference
WiFi interference also could be the reason behind the not working. Your device also becomes the victim of WiFi interference, if you install your device near the home appliance. Thus, you need to place your extender in a place where the home appliances are not installed.
Once you perform the above-mentioned hack. Now, you should try to access to make sure you can access it or not. If not, then don’t worry, move to the next hack.

Disable Anti-Virus
We know that it is very important to install the antivirus software on computer to secure the device but sometimes antivirus software create the issues and does not support the web address. So, in order to access the login page you need to disable the antivirus first from your device.

Update Web Browser
Using the updated internet browser is very important to get successful access to In the old web browser web address does not work properly and an error like refused to connect. So, whenever you are trying to access the extender login page always use the latest version of the internet browser.

Reboot the Extender
This is the last solution that you can follow if you are still in the same situation. By rebooting your device, you will remove the technical glitches from the device which may create the issue of mywifiext not working. To do reboot you need to cut off the power from the extender and need to wait for some time. Thereafter, put the extender back into the power socket.
Hence, these are the hacks that you can perform to tackle the issue in no time.