Your Guide To Crafting A Winning Video Production Idea

Without any doubt, videos are the way to go! And not just any introductory video overfilled with information about your business. It’s a big NO, NO. The videos you create should be a perfect blend of humor, promotional content, information, and so much more. Depending on your topic.

Basically, the production of a video is a crucial element for different purposes. No matter if it’s an event or brand promotion, live or virtual. It’s a process of bringing ideas to life in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. Videos create a foundation of engagement and interaction for the audience, building their interest and sustaining it throughout. 

In a recent interview with the top animation video production agency, Glowza Digital, we discussed the entire process of crafting an aesthetically appealing video. They elaborated their key focus by saying,

“Video animation and production, in general, has long been a focal point for us. Mainly because it allows us to provide our clients with a media-rich solution to launch or promote a product/service, announce new initiatives, celebrate milestones, and express their brand in ways one can only imagine.”

We all know by now that getting a viewer to hit play on your bright and shiny video is no child’s play. It takes loads and loads of effort to get to this point. So how does one achieve it?

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through a few important things for creating a fine-tuned yet creative video. 

  • Ask Anything, And Almost Everything

The first step of every project is its brief. It’s simply impossible to nail the expectations of a client without having a clear understanding of their needs and brand. The majority time, the client will provide you with their requirements beforehand. But that won’t be all. You will have to get into the nitty gritty’s to kickstart your project. For this purpose, ask the necessary questions. 

Our best recommendation is to write out basic answers to get the ball rolling. For instance,

  • What’s your elevator pitch for the video?
  • Who are your targeted audience, and what pain points do you want to trigger?
  • What is your goal for this video?
  • Is there any design element or character that you want to use? 
  • Can you describe what sets your business apart from others in the industry?
  • Who are your competitors? And is there anything that you like about their branding?

All this information will help you brainstorm your concept for the video.

  • Pick Your Brain Till You’re Not Sure About The Idea

In simple words, this part is called “brainstorming.” Yeahh! It may seem a bit cliché. But this one business buzzword is a process that REALLY helps to come up with some mind-blowing results. Not to mention some humor, too, to take your video up a notch.

Why do you need to invest your time in this part? Well, the answer is quite simple. If you want to come up with a unique video that one has never seen before, booking entertainment brainstorming an idea is a MUSTTT. Such ideas aren’t just usually hanging around, which you can pick out any time you want. You need to hunt them. There is a reason why they call it “finding ideas” and not “catching or grabbing ideas.”

  • “Telling” Beats “Selling” Every Single Time

When it comes to advertising your business, remember this always, “Telling beats Selling.” Basically, it’s the difference between a precisely created marketing speech and a generic, straightforward talk about promoting a product/service. 

Even though speaking honestly with your viewers can be beneficial for your brand and business. But this one tactic can result in conveying a more vital message that helps better connect your audience. All in all, it will help drive results. So the goal is to tell it first and then sell it later. 

The audience is getting smarter, and so should you. They are already well aware of the advertising strategy. Ads sell an idea, not the brand’s product or service, which is far from our primary goal. Instead of selling the same old idea, explain to them what your business offers. Educate them, assist them and convey your brand story. In simple words, BE THE STORYTELLER THAT YOU ARE!

  • Time For Some Action

Following the previous steps, it’s about time to craft a pitch. For this purpose, we will go over Glowza Digital’s process of creating a pitch. 

“Deck-building is one of the part of our process that we highly believe in. It helps to determine our goal for the video production and how we’ll make it happen. Additionally, it also gives our client a chance to go over the entire concept and how it will connect back to their business and provide a solution.”

The creation of a pitch can easily consist of different ways to bring the critical message to life with the help of video.

So, Why Do You Need to Do It This Way?

However, it’s not necessary to follow the above-mentioned process as it is. Feel free to make some tweaks according to your own preference. This is just a simple guide to give the experts some space to push ideas back and forth to best suit a client’s needs.