Trekking has become one of the most popular adventure activities in recent days. More and more people are getting attracted towards trekking as it allows you to feel nature and spend some time in the lap of mother nature where you can relax and get far away from that stress and anxiety from your everyday activities.

Today I am going to give you a complete guide to one of the most famous trekking destinations in India, i.e. Har  Ki Dun Trek.

One of those states that draws a lot of trekkers and adventure seekers each year in Uttarakhand. The Har ki Dun trek in the state of Uttarakhand is one fantastic location for hiking. If you are a seasoned hiker, you must take this walk.

Some information about the trek:

The Har Ki Dun trip is on the bucket list of every adventurer and trekking enthusiast. Even if you are an experienced trekker, if you do not do this trek, you will be losing out on a lot of fun. While on this walk, you can see some of the Himalayas’ most breathtaking views.

The location is 3566 meters above sea level in the western Ganges, which is fairly high. The Hanging Valley of the Gods is another name for the cradle-shaped valley of Har ki Doon. The journey is well-known for its glistening peaks and lush forest. Beginning your exploration of the Har ki Dun valley at the Govind National Park is a good idea.

Location of the  trek:

This trek is present in Uttarakhand and the maximum elevation of the trek is  11,700 ft.

The trek essentially begins in Dehradun. Moreover, there are excellent road, rail, and aviation connections to Dehradun.

Dehradun’s domestic airport, Jolly Grant Airport, has excellent connections to all Indian cities. Dehradun’s railway station is called the Dehradun railway station, and it connects to all other cities.

To get to Dehradun, you can choose from a variety of roads and transport routes. Both public transportation and your private vehicle are options.

It is simple to get to the city using any of these methods.

Any of the above methods make it simple to go to the city. For starting your journey of trek, you must drive to Sankri which is the basepoint of the trek. The trek begins at Sankri, and all hikers will be driven there before beginning their journey.

The difficulty of the Har KiDun Trek:

This trek is moderately challenging. The journey is not simple. Due to the challenging hike grades, novice or untrained trekkers typically do not prefer this trek. Since the trek lasts for eight days, it becomes very challenging for beginners to survive.

It is challenging due to the gradient and path of the hike. The typical and typical trekkers do not do this trek. This walk is regarded as enjoyable by professional hikers, and the majority of them have it on their bucket lists.

11,700 feet is such a high height and represents the highest point of the walk. Because of this, the trek is very challenging for first-timers. It is a challenging journey because of the meadows, forest trails, mountains, and climate. The walk is arduous because of the severe climate in the area.

The atmosphere is sufficiently chilly thanks to the brisk winds that blow along the woodland route, lakes nearby, and the sky overhead. The months from monsoon to winter are the finest for this journey, and this makes the climb difficult enough.

Best time for going  on a trek to Har Ki Dun:

The months from the monsoon to the winter are the ideal times to embark on a Har ki Dun trek. The area’s typical daily temperature during the best seasons ranges from 8 degrees to 15 degrees centigrade. Additionally, the average nighttime temperature in the area ranges from -5 to -3 degrees Celsius.

The journey is breathtaking during these months. Amazing and breathtaking views of the mountains, peaks, birds, animals, old cottages, and prehistoric villagers would be yours to enjoy. These months have a good climate. The finest activities to do during this season include camping and hiking.

The main winter season is the finest time to go on a journey through the snow if you’re interested in doing so. You would notice snow everywhere. Wherever you look, no beauty can compare to the beauty of the ice-covered mountains.

A basic route to be followed in trek:

Day 1: To Sankri from Dehradun

Today you will be starting your trek and Sankri will be your base point for this.

Day 2: Sankri – Taluka – Seema/Osla

Today’s journey will start with a drive from Sankri to Taluka. From  Taluka, You will start trekking on foot till Seema where you will be staying for the rest of the day.

Day 3: Seema/Osla – Har ki Dun

Today your journey will be from the sea to har ki dun where you can gaze at the beautiful scenery and experience the beauty of nature.

Day 4:From  Har ki Dun to Jaundhar Glacier or Maninda Tal and then  Har ki Dun

Today you can go for either of these treks from Har ki dun and then come back for staying at night.

Day 5: Har ki Dun – Osla/Seema

Today you will be returning from Har Ki Dun to seema down the way and staying for the night.

Day 6:Seema – Taluka – Sankri 

Today you will again trek down to taluka from where you will drive back to  Sankri.

Day 7: Departure from Sankri

Today your trek comes to an end and you will be departing back from Sankri.