The Risks of Moving Without Professional Packers and Movers

People always search for various ways to cut their expenses. When it comes to household shifting, many make plans to shift it personally. One should always compare the consequences of doing the task personally or hiring a service provider. If the number of household items is less, the decision will be good, but when the number of items is more, then opting for professional packers and movers will be ideal. They provide excellent household shifting services with perfection. When a professional service provider is hired, one can enjoy many benefits. A briefing regarding both cases is mentioned below.

Consequences of self-shiftin

Stress: The task of home shifting is stressful whether done self or a professional service provider is hired. The stress level is high when it is done self. As everything has to be arranged personally, it will tire the person. Though family members help, they need more coordination to maintain their relationship.

Time taking: An employee will not be given sufficient time for home shifting as his/her services are required on priority in the new location. In such a scenario, the employee has to plan perfectly and do the tasks per his/her time availability. Home shifting can be done in a single day if the destination is local, but the process required to accomplish the task is time-consuming.

Knowledge of packing material: Though the main purpose of using it is to safeguard the household item, proper knowledge about the type of packing material and where and how it can be used is necessary. For instance, a carton box can be used for keeping items. But when a kitchen item needs to be kept in the carton, it requires separate packing. This sort of differentiation is necessary and the person doing the task may need more knowledge and mess-up things. The time required for packing the item may also increase as the person doing it must be experienced.

Cost of packing material: Since professional packers and movers purchase packing material in bulk based on their requirements, the cost incurred by them will be less, but when a person buys the packing material for single use, the cost will be high.

Packing, Loading, and Unloading: When the task is done, the household items must be packed properly. Once done, they need to be personally loaded/ unloaded in the truck. If the items are handled properly, they may be protected.

Transport: If the home shifting is done personally, even the transport vehicle needs to be arranged. Sometimes due to bad planning the transport vehicle booked may be too big and cost more or smaller than expected. In such a case, another vehicle must be arranged, ultimately increasing cost.

Benefits of hiring a professional service provider

Commitment: The professional service providers accomplish the task on the date agreed and within time and transport the household items at the desired location in good condition.
Trained: As the staff members are trained to do the task, they handle the situation better, providing relief to the hirer.

Assembling/Disassembling: Sometimes, some furniture items need to be disassembled and then assembled at the new location. The staff provides this service on prior information at the time of confirmation of the order.

Insurance: When an order is taken, the service provider ensures that all the items are insured before the execution of the home shifting. When things are insured, in case of damage, the amount of loss is reimbursed by the respective insurance companies, and this reduces the burden on the hirer or the professional packers and movers.

Quality: The household items are safe when they are packed using the right packing material in the right quantity. After completing the task, the professional staff tries to clean the area.
Time taken: The time taken by professionals is less when compared to inexperienced people. It is the training given to them that makes them perfect.

Packing material: Nothing needs to be provided to the professional staff as they have the full equipment required to accomplish the task. Based on the requirement, the company arranges the packing material, and the staff carries it to the location.

Loading/Unloading: The professional staff packs all the items and loads them into the truck meant for transport. The loading is done in such a way that the item is not damaged or falls from the truck while moving. Even when unloading the items at the destination, things are carefully unloaded. So, the safety of the items is taken care of at the utmost levels.


Opting for home shifting services is a good option in cases where the number of items is more and manpower in the family is less when compared to a situation where the number of items is less as it may be a burden on the hirer.