What does an infrastructure architect do?

Infrastructure architects design and implement information systems to support an organization’s enterprise infrastructure designer job description.

They ensure that all systems are operating at optimum levels and support the development of new technologies and system requirements. Infrastructure architects typically lead and lead a team and report directly to senior management.

There is a huge demand for the unique skill sets of Infrastructure Architects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast 9% job growth for all computer network designers by 2024, including infrastructure designers.

To fulfill its primary role in the design and implementation of complex computer systems, infrastructure architects rely on many functions. We analyzed a number of work lists to identify the key roles and responsibilities of an Infrastructure Inspector.

Check the system requirements

The infrastructure manager reviews the current systems to ensure they provide adequate security and meet the needs of this organization effectively. They coordinate all areas of the organization to monitor that the system is working as efficiently as possible. They examine what the business needs to determine where they can integrate new hardware, operating system or integration solutions.

Can recommend more technologies and improvements

Based on their knowledge of IT and their analysis of the needs process, the software vendor may recommend additional technologies or enhancements to improve the

information system to support the design objectives. These tips are given in a clear and understandable way for senior management.

Guide Design and review of new systems

Infrastructure designers keep planning and information for new systems. They develop and document the proposed technical project for the integration and implementation of any new software, working in the IT department.

Integration plan

Infrastructure architects must create detailed plans for the integration of new system architecture into existing infrastructure. This includes the Logistics Plans of the Operations Areas to actually implement the physical integrations provided by the infrastructure architect with direction and technical support.

Evaluate projects

Once the infrastructure architect integrates a new system, he or she participates in evaluating the project’s success by identifying best practices and lessons learned. Liaise with leadership and incorporate this information into future integration plans.

WORK WORK: Infrastructure designer

Key saving

A new role has been created for the Infrastructure Designer to join the Design and Engineering work.

Informing the Design and Engineering Manager, he will be responsible for developing detailed techniques

infrastructure designs and technical advice for local stakeholders. The paper requires it

You have the discipline to take responsibility and supply solid goods

project work and consulting on time and with high quality.

Extensive knowledge of Microsoft / Windows software design is important for this function, but it has been successful

The candidate will also be able to work with other technologies, including Linux,

Virtualization, networking and storage to build a highly scalable and accessible platform.

Key responsibilities

Conduct research as a technical advisor; makes recommendations to internal customers

Research and develop opportunities where technical innovation can add value to Zen

Meet requirements, make viability and design technical solutions to be scalable and robust

platforms and products

Write, approve and maintain technical implementation documentation on existing services and


Perform project management functions for internal technical projects as needed, making sure there is work

delivered on time and of high quality

Provide 4th level support for cracks as needed (usually only required during business hours, but at

assistance may be required in certain out-of-hours situations)


On average, service plan professionals earn $ 121,446 a year, which translates to $ 58.39 per hour. In general, architects earn between $ 93,000 and $ 156,000 a year, which means the highest paid architects earn $ 63,000 more than the last fundraiser.

Suppose you already have a basic design plan, but you’re probably looking for a new opportunity. Maybe you play with the idea of ​​being a basic architect. If so, you’ll probably want to know how these features compare to other conditions. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Here you will find more information about roles such as senior management engineer, senior system engineer, senior system administrator, and system administrator to compare roles and responsibilities. We will explain a bit how they compare to architects.