What are the mistakes we should avoid during performing SEO?

With many websites and apps being created, published, and promoted online every second. Many websites’ ranking depends on search engines on a daily basis. So websites survive for that position or increase its position every day by observing it’s all valuable criteria.

You should also ensure your competition and your audience’s attention. Your rank is additionally penalized by Google when stuffing is used because it recognizes those posts to be spam. If you wish to figure thereon the issue you ought to the constant evolution of all ways of SEO.

Many people work on different strategies of SEO but they can’t distinguish between good and bad SEO techniques, that’s why many SEO work done by marketer doesn’t get proper results.

If you wish to get the proper results on search engines, here is a list of SEO mistakes you must avoid during performing SEO Task. You must also include various tools, studies, facts, and real examples for doing proper work on SEO.

 Focusing on quantity over quality content

In today’s SEO world, content is king. Always prime quality content reaches at the highest of the Google search engine.

Most people think if the quantity of the content will high, then they get the top rank in search consol. You should take care of your audience and competition when you create quality content. If you’re content will short but doing great sound with most ranking keywords, it’s rank up compare to quantity content.

Choosing the wrong keywords

The main criteria of the SEO is to settle on the right keywords that you just want to rank your website.

You can search your keywords by using various tools like keyword planner, SEMrush, Google Trends, Google AdWords, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. you should think about your client’s need according to your target audience.

 Not using images

For creating more impact on your website or blog, adding an image on it with the content, so it’s more powerful than only add content for SEO. The images also tell your story in the right way and it’s easier to understand. A post without images is like a computer without an OS.

 Running a not secure site

If your site is “Not Secure”, they’re going to not trust you. They feel not safe once they put their personal information in a very type of not secure site. to form a site secure, you’ll purchase an SSL Certificate from your host or domain platform.

Having you a secure site impacting to extend your ranking and also help with website conversions.

 Duplicate content

You should make sure of one thing visitors are human so that they can find the duplication. Google also recognizes duplicate content easily. Your site title and Meta description also being unique for your site.

Content is the main part of the site or blog so you ought to concentrate on it. Once you write a commentary you ought to give the data about the rule 5 W’s which has Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Take the time and supply content with fresh and unique content ideas to your customers.

Site load time or site speed

In Today’s lifestyle people don’t want to wait more time for anything. At this time your site takes more time to open, the visitor is not happy with that site so it may generate a bounce rate.

SEO refers to you decreasing the loading speed as possible as you can do. Speed is the most important impression of your website.

you can analyze where the speed issue is and how to fix it by using different tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom, webpage Tests, etc.

Not using Image alt tag

For better results you must add alt tag or relevant keywords when posting or adding images in post. To present the name of the image associated with your blog or site.

Using Keyword Stuffing

Most of the people using the target keyword in every third line who believe that the site boost that ranking by using that. But this strategy is bad for your site. It is taken as spam by Google.

You can use keywords where he sounds great. Even you don’t write content thinking it for SEO; instead, write it thinking of your target audience. Keep in mind that the more keyword stuffing may increase your bounce rate.

Skipping title tag and meta description

In SEO, title tags and Meta descriptions are the most effective elements that can’t be ignored. If you want to get more visitors or customers then writing a unique title tag and Meta description.

 Focusing too much internal links

Limitation is more important in our life at every stage or place. In SEO, it also considers that. Too much internal linking in websites’ web page or article or blog gets spam from Google.

Internal links depend upon the content limits. Don’t use the identical anchor text for each link.

Final Thoughts

It takes time, energy, and dedication to master the art of writing SEO friendly content. Use the list above to remember what to focus on and how to stay on the right track.