Why My Orbi Satellite Keeps Disconnecting? Any Idea?

An Orbi mesh system is popular worldwide since it comprises a WiFi router and one or more satellites. The router connects to the main modem to modify its signals whereas satellites are known to share a connection [wired or wireless] with the router and take the modified signals to the farthest corners of the house. Due to this a large proportion of the globe has installed Orbi mesh systems to complete their internet needs.

However, these needs remain unfulfilled if the Orbi satellite keeps disconnecting. If you’re also struggling with the same problem, we suggest you have a look at the hacks mentioned below. The reason being, if you do not address this issue, the time is not far when you start experiencing the Orbi pink light issue. So, with a positive spirit, let’s get started.

[Reasons] Orbi Satellite Keeps Disconnecting

Learning the potential causes behind the issue will make it easy for you to address and fix the issue. Therefore, before you start the actual troubleshooting process, consider walking through the points mentioned ahead and learn what might have dragged your satellite to an extent that it keeps disconnecting.

1. Your satellite is out of the range of the router.

2. The placement of your Orbi satellite is not appropriate.

3. Your satellite’s firmware is not updated.

4. There’s a power-related problem with your mesh WiFi system’s satellite.

5. The satellite is not in sync with the WiFi router.

So, these were the reasons that might have caused the Orbi satellite keeps disconnecting issue. Now, we want you to know the hacks that can be applied to resolve the issue. All these hacks are highlighted in the next section. But, before giving a shot at them, consider restarting your WiFi satellite. Because you never know when a technical glitch might have overcome your satellite’s efficiency to perform well. The steps to restart your WiFi satellite are outlined below:

 Switch off your Orbi satellite.

 Unplug it from the respective power source.

 Wait for a moment.

 Replug the satellite and switch it on.

Is the problem resolved now? Ah! It seems that you’re still struggling with it. No worries! The section highlighting the tips to fix it is given below. However, we would like to inform you that some of these tips will require you to access orbilogin.com. Thus, be prepared for the same.

[How to Fix] Orbi Satellite Connectivity Problem

1. Reduce the Router-Satellite Distance

Start by reducing the distance through which your Orbi devices [satellite and WiFi router] are separated. If they are too far, then we suggest you bring them a little closer so that you can experience better connectivity throughout the house. But, keep one thing in your mind. These devices must not be placed too close. Else, you will start experiencing other connectivity issues due to a conflict of wireless signals.

2. Change the Satellite’s Location

Placing the satellite at a location close to the router is a good practice. But, it does not mean that you ignore other factors that play an important part while deciding the satellite’s location. To be specific, keep your WiFi satellite away from all the factors that tend to block or deviate the wireless signals emitted by your satellite. Some examples of objects or devices that are not supposed to share a location with the satellite are TVs, microwaves, aquariums, Bluetooth speakers, metal doors, etc.

3. Update the Orbi Satellite

If following the above said tips does not help you resolve the issue, consider upgrading the firmware of your satellite. Know that an outdated version of firmware is known to create hardware and software-related problem. It means it has the complete power of altering Orbi satellite colors to bad ones. You can upgrade your Orbi satellite either via orbilogin.com or using the Netgear Orbi app.

4. Ensure Stable Power Supply

Check the power socket supplying electricity to your satellite. Remember that if you want your Orbi devices to work well at all costs, they must be connected to well-working power sockets. In case your satellite is connected to a damaged socket, consider connecting it to one offering adequate power.

5. Sync the Router and Satellite

Lastly, the Orbi satellite connectivity issue can also be a result of poor sync between your Orbi devices. To patch things up, we suggest you sync your devices properly. For this, press the Sync button on both devices. The issue will get resolved.

That’s all about how to fix the Orbi satellite keeps disconnecting issue. Here’s to the hope that you will be able to get rid of the same using the tricks highlighted above. Thanks for reading the post!