DIY Off the Shoulder Top | How To Refashion An Old Shirt

If you have an old toggle shirt that has been gathering cobwebs in your closet, you should give this straightforward off-the-shoulder top project a shot. All you need is an old button-down shirt. In the case that you would prefer not to donate the item, this idea for refashioning clothes will take care of the problem for you. Despite the fact that the off-shoulder blouse is still one of the most popular trends in fashion, you can repurpose it so that you can appear more fashionable. In addition to that, it is a great option for the warm summertime weather. Keep scrolling for a DIY project guide from Anne Le’s that will teach you how to make an off-the-shoulder top that is not only easy but also quite pretty! Good

Create a flattering off-the-shoulder top from an old shirt with this easy DIY project.

You Will Require That:

A worn button-down dress shirt from years past
A stretchable band with a width of one inch
A selection of clothing pins
A piece of sewing equipment

First, place the Dress Shirt face down on the Table.

It is not necessary to use an off the shoulder top sewing template in order to finish up this project properly. Investigate the far reaches of your closet and the drawers of your dresser in search of the perfect shirt with long sleeves for the upcycling project you have in mind. Once a shirt has been chosen, turn it inside out and lay it flat on a table, making that the sleeves are positioned to the side of the garment.

Step 2: Determine the Location of the Cuts

Determine the area(s) of your shoulders that you would like to be shown. In most cases, it will be located approximately four inches above the line that denotes the shirt pocket. Pins should be used to make a mark here, and then the process should be repeated all the way around the garment.

Step 3: Cut the top of the shirt with the long sleeves straight across.

Cut across the line that was marked on the garment using a high-quality pair of fabric shears that are very sharp. Your shirt is going to get a new neckline that looks like this. To begin working on the stitches, you will need to first flip the shirt inside out Brother xm3700 sewing machine.

Folding the Paper and Pressing It

First, tuck the cloth inward toward the wrong side a quarter of an inch, which will hide the row edges. To create a seamless appearance, fold in another half an inch, pin it, and press it down. This will not only make it simpler to run through the sewing machine, but it will also look better. Proceed around the shoulder line as before.

5. Stitch It Together

After you have finished folding the fabric along the shoulder line, it is time to begin stitching along the fold line. In order to accommodate the elastic band on your off the shoulder top, you will need around a one- to two-inch opening.

Measure the Elastic as the Sixth Step

Take the circumference measurement around your shoulder with the elastic band you have. First add an additional inch, then chop it off. Put a safety pin in one end of the elastic to secure it. cake

Step 7: Place the Elastic Band in its Holder

Insert the elastic into the opening that has been made in the garment that was previously closed. To bring the two ends together, it must be drawn through all the way to the other side first. First, bring the two ends together so that they overlap by one inch, and then sew them together to secure the connection. First, you will need to remove any excess thread, and then you will need to tuck the elastic behind itself. If you do this, your top won’t be able to slide down your shoulders like it normally would.

Step 8: Make Sure the Hole Is Closed

Backstitch over the opening where the elastic meets. Sew over the opening where the elastic meets. Congratulations! You can now proudly display your shoulders without feeling self-conscious.

Take advantage of the warm summer days by exposing some of your beautiful skin by wearing a blouse that has off-the-shoulder cutouts. This will draw attention to how stunning your skin is. This stylish look bares a hint of skin without revealing an excessive amount, and it’s easy to achieve the same appearance in your own house. Tops that do not cover the shoulders are a latest news delightful article of apparel to put on at this time of year. You can dress it up during the day by adding accessories and wearing flat shoes, and you can dress it up for the evening by adding a cute purse that makes a statement, leather leggings, and high heels. The design possibilities are practically endless when it comes to an off-the-shoulder top that you construct for yourself.