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Rolexes are a hot product, like any other luxury brand. That means that at the price of a real article, many scammers and thieves would be really involved in making and/or selling fake ones.

Scams of this sort are very popular, especially via the Internet, where transactions can be made without even seeing the face of the seller’s real name or recognizing it.

What was once used only in New York City vans and market stalls has now become a worldwide phenomenon. How can you say whether you want to buy a Rolex for yourself or a loved one that you’re having the real thing and not a fake that’s well-made? Here are the top 12 ways to spot a fake from a real one.

It’s made from the best quality materials, so Rolex watches at their lowest cost around $3,000. This suggests that there would be a large weight and heft to a genuine Rolex. Cheaper components for construction of knockoffs mean a lighter watch.

If a watch professional or skilled jeweler will say for sure (they will weigh it and can usually know what the weight of a real watch will be), a successful measurement is merely to feel how it weighs in your palm. The fake will be substantially smaller, while heft will have the real article.

A “cyclops” window above the date features all authentic Rolex watches. This is a small magnifier that for easier viewing amplifies the amount precisely 2.5 times. Either a phony Rolex will not magnify at all, merely being an extra hunk of glass for the cyclops, or it will magnify even less. When looking at the date on a Rolex, you do not have to squint. Don’t bother buying it if you do.

The Rolex corporation started introducing a thin, almost invisible crown emblem on the face of the watch starting in 2002, directly micro-etched into the crystal covering the watch face at the 6 o’clock location.

It looks like an etching or a hologram, but it’s not engraved and the naked eye can’t see it. It’s really in the bottle-the tiny bubbles that create a crown in the glass. Using a flashlight app on your phone to see it. Place the telephone light on the 12th phone and the laser engraved crown (LEC) will come out.

False Rolexes would not have it, because of the system and machinery used in incorporating this etching, as well as the minute scale. This is impossible to see from the naked eye, so please look very carefully or have it shown to you with magnification by the jeweler or vendor.

No authentic Rolex watch has some labels, engravings, or writing on the underside of the watch, except for some very unusual and discontinued items from the 1930s. Scammers also pick on people who do not know this little fact, so all sorts of stuff are etched there, like very convincing replicas of the Rolex logo. Yet none ever remains on the back of a real Rolex watch.

One of the biggest distinctions between the true and the counterfeit is this. In comparison, Rolex endorsements are never explicit. To see the action beneath, the backing needs to be cut. Whether you can see your watch back up when you turn it over, that’s a fake. If you are looking to sell Gold at best prices contact London Gold Centre.