Blood in Cough – 5 Culprits to Know About

Common is a common phenomenon we all are aware of.


Whether you are a baby or an adult you get to cough. There can be many different reasons behind the cough. Sometimes, it can be due to an infection or can be because of allergy. Just like the causes, there can be different types of cough. Some people often get a dry cough while for others there can be mucous along the cough. But one type of cough that is no less than a nightmare is the cough that brings along the blood. 

Yes, coughing up blood can be concerning for you. I remember when this happened to me I immediately rushed to the best chest specialist in Karachi who revealed that this was due to a respiratory allergy that was causing trouble. After that, there was a series of medications and treatments that finally helped me recover from it. But seeing blood in my cough was a terrifying at first sight experience for me!

I am sure if any of you suffered from this then you can surely relate to this. But allergies are not the only cause of blood in the cough. There can be many other reasons why you might end up seeing blood with mucus while coughing. If you are wondering what can cause this, then this article might be the perfect read for you.

What Causes Cough in Blood?

First of all, let us know about some of the common causes of coughing in the blood. Here are some of the important ones you need to know about

1- Bronchiectasis

This can be one of the major reasons why you are coughing up blood. This is a long-term condition that generally impacts your lungs.

During bronchiectasis, the airways in your lungs are permanently widened which results in the infection. The widened airways are more prone to infection by bacteria. Your doctor may ask you to go for a CT scan alongside other tests measuring lung function to make a final diagnosis.  

2- Tuberculosis

Every time we get to see blood while coughing, there are chances that someone might suffer from tuberculosis. 

Tuberculosis or TB was known as a deadly disease that resulted in many casualties in previous times. Thanks to the technological advancements in modern times that makes conditions really manageable. Tuberculosis is nothing but an infection due to bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This condition can infect your lungs and can bring many concerning symptoms like coughing up blood, fatigue, weight loss, chest congestion etc.

3- Pulmonary Embolism

Another reason behind your bloody cough can be the condition named pulmonary embolism.

This usually occurs when there is a blood clot located in any artery in your lungs. This clot can come from conditions like deep vein thrombosis. Sometimes, there can be the multiple clots involved behind the pulmonary embolism. The condition can bring along many symptoms alongside the blood cough.

4- Acute Bronchitis

Next on the list of reasons behind blood coughing comes acute bronchitis. 

This is a common condition that impacts the bronchial region of your respiratory tract. The condition results in swelling and infection in your airways. There are common viruses that can result in the infection of the airways. Just as the name indicated, the infection is acute in nature. People who have a weakened immune system are generally more prone to developing conditions like bronchitis.

5- Cancer

Sometimes, coughing in your blood can be an indicator of something really concerning. Yes, I am talking about cancer. If your lungs are infected with cancer then you can definitely experience symptoms like blood cough. This cancer can originally be in your lungs or can come from other organs as well. 

A Series of laboratory testing is required to make a diagnosis which is then followed by different treatment options.

Other than these there can be many other causes behind the cough in your blood. Sometimes it can be a fungal infection or other times this can be due to illicit drugs or an anatomical disorder. So, you need to seek out your doctor to pinpoint the cause of the blood cough.

How to Get Rid of Blood Cough?

When it comes to getting rid of the blood in your cough there are many things to consider. As we know the cause of blood in a cough greatly varies so does the treatment. Before we talk about the treatment of blood cough it is important to talk to your doctor to make the right diagnosis before using any home remedy.

After diagnosis, your doctor will treat you for the relevant conditions that are causing you the actual trouble. The treatment will relieve your blood cough. Other than this, make sure to follow healthy lifestyle practices and use home remedies like honey or green tea to soothe your airways.