3 Best Water Purifier Under 10000 In India For Home Use 2021: You Must Read

We all know that drinking accurately from the trap can be serious, but did you know that a faulty water purifier can end up making harmful things in your sip of water? Visualize doing everything to make sure that you are good from giving up desserts to working out for an hour every day and finally getting sick due to the impaired functioning of your purifier!

If you weigh yourself a health-conscious person or count yourself utterly as a character who wishes to be free of all conditions, it is very important to know the terms of a good machine in your apartment that makes sure that each sip you take is not only cleansed of all the clay and chlorine but including the tiny people that can otherwise harm you.

A machine that is effective for picking up every sip of water you take, it is very necessary to make a well-informed determination about the same. Let us analyze the best water purifier under 10000 for home use in India.

3. KENT Maxx 7litres UV + UF 60 Litre/hr

This water purifier operates with a number of measures that make sure that every individual drop of water that trickles your neck is nothing but fair! The number of levels and multiple methods occur together to ensure that all the dead bacteria, infections, and cysts are completely separated, making the water 100 percent bacteria-free.

With a detachable water container to make dressing extremely easy and a 60litres per moment purification function, this unique piece is produced in India. It has a warehouse space of 7 liters due to which there is always a constant supply of filtered water even in the absence of power and is perfectly fitting for purification of public water supply and of tap water which gives it a preferable choice for home uses.

Though, a pre-filter has to be placed in this water purifier next property as it does come with a pre-installed pre-filter. And what’s added? It begins with a high powered 11W UV lamp that inactivates all the microorganisms being in the water to make it perfectly safe for drinking.

It even has a computer-controlled process to present a warning to the user when a replacement of the filter and the UV light is needed to ensure the perfect performance of the water purifier. The water purifier is made of ABS food-grade substitute to guarantee the quality of water continues extraordinary and the push-fit purpose of the filter blocks any water leakages.


  • High purifying rate
  • Excellent build
  • Filter replacement alarm
  • Multi purifying processes


  • The motor requirement for low-pressure water supply
  • Pre-filter is not provided

2. Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF +MAT , 9 litres, 8 stage

A water purifier that understands your current storage needs, these water purifiers begin with an energy-saving mode in which the power turns off automatically once the tank is fully filled. What can be better than a stock that will fit just well in the energy expenditure limit of your home?

With a room capacity of 9 liters and a filtration size of 13.5 liters per hour, these purifiers have made their sign on the list of the best water purifier under 10000 thanks to its water tanks that are constructed up of ABS food-grade synthetic to stop any water leakages. But that is not all for they too have a source block technology to guarantee 100 percent germ-free water to the home.

Along with working energy of 160 – 260 volts and an energy of 36 watts, this water purifier comes with some important items like a user manual, an induction kit, and a 12-month warranty card. An RO film is also available that can go up to 2500 TDS filtration units.

The crystal enhanced technology being in these water purifiers produces the best drinking water as the water passes through 8 distinct stages of purification to guarantee that it is completely safe for drinking and it also adds back the necessary minerals like calcium, magnesium to the drinking water to improve its hygienic value.

This water purifier was manufactured in India and is best suited for Indian homes and services and even for public corporation water supply giving it an incredible choice for residential purposes.

The water purifier has an artistic form that becomes the appeal of the kitchen and the copper guard technology is also now to guarantee the hygiene standards in the home that are of the best attainable quality.


  • 8 Stage purification
  • 9 liters storage with germ barrier technology
  • Mineral addition technology
  • Elegant design


  • No filter change alert is available

1. Blue Star Aristo RO + UV AR4BLAM017 Litre

The Blue Star Aristo has made its name as one of the best water purifier under 10000 giving you freshwater at a price that won’t be difficult on your opening. A company that makes all the characters in India itself, this excellent product is more than just a single water purifier.

It comes with a guarantee including electromechanical parts failures and manufacturing faults. The Aqua Taste booster being in these water purifiers significantly increases the judgment of water thus guaranteeing that the water is tasty as well.

The Blue Star Aristo comes with a double-layered RO + UV security. The RO separates the dissolved contaminants whereas the UV deactivates the microorganisms like bacteria and germs. Simultaneously that if there is a UV lamp rupture, the UV fail alarm ensures that the family knows of the crash.

If you have young children at your home, then you can enter the child lock function in the filter to avoid additional wastage of water. Not only that, the copper produced activated carbon device is one of the best stories being in this purifier. This article provides antibacterial qualities to the water and eliminates the smell, odor, and light organic syntheses from the water.


  • Child Lock Function
  • Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon
  • Tank full indicator is present
  • Smart indicator alert for replacing the filter


  • Lacks a detachable storage tank