How to See How Many Listeners a Podcast Has (and Other Stats)

If you are getting to know a particular podcast or making plans to pitch yourself as a guest, you likely need to realize how many human beings are taking note of it here you go

Perhaps you need to boost your enterprise via sponsoring podcasts to your area of interest. Or perhaps you host your own display, and you are dying to recognise how comparable indicates are appearing.

Surely finding that information might be a chunk of cake? Well, it’s far in case you use Rephonic. The trouble is that best the podcast writer knows their real number of listeners, downloads and subscribers.

We’ve laid out some techniques you may use to appear up treasured podcast stats and determine how famous a display is.

  • Six ways to inform how many listeners a podcast has Rephonic
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Apple Podcasts chart scores
  • Metrics revealed by means of some apps
  • Social media presence
  • Ask the writer
  • Is it feasible to test how many downloads a podcast has?
  • Is it feasible to peer what number of subscribers a podcast has?
    🎧 Six methods to inform how many listeners a podcast has

1. Get podcast listener numbers the use of Rephonic

The simplest manner to discover what number of listeners a podcast has is with Rephonic. We have complete metrics for each podcast in our database, inclusive of listener estimates.

We accumulate masses of publicly available statistics factors for every one among our 2+ million podcasts to provide you with our metrics.

Of course, it’s far a “great wager,” so in case you’re set on understanding the real listener numbers, you’ll ought to contact the podcast writer immediately.

2. Check scores and evaluations

Many human beings try to length up a podcast by means of checking Apple Podcast’s scores and evaluations.

As the modern-day dominant podcast participant (specifically inside the US) it’s nearly constantly the location that aggregates the most listener feedback.

You should try to guess that a podcast has a big target audience by using the total wide variety of ratings it has.

But this is a particularly incorrect technique due to the fact there’s no longer always direct hyperlink between the volume of listener remarks and the size of a show’s target audience.

Also, to get a full image of its target audience, you may have to check each of the podcast apps in which you could listen to the display.

The exceptional ones to check are Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Podchaser and Amazon/Audible.

Apple podcast evaluations
Do the fanatics charge it as a quality show, and what are the feedback like? Enthusiastic? Excited? Are their superfans raving, or are the remarks short and uninteresting or even non-existent?

Rephonic collects all of this listener remarks and makes it available without cost. Here’s an instance for The Daily (scroll down to “Reviews”).

 Inspect chart rankings

Similarly to rankings and critiques, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the nice locations to search for the maximum comprehensive podcast charts.

If a display is rating high in its category — or possibly throughout all categories — then it’s a pretty top indication that they have got a giant target market.

The charts aren’t ideal, although. It’s idea that they’re calculated by searching at the quantity of new followers (previously ‘subscribers’)

each podcast has added over a current time window. If a display’s listeners skew toward any other platform, or another united states where Apple or Spotify is much less dominant,

then they won’t carry out so properly within the charts.

Rephonic collects those Apple and Spotify chart scores and makes them to be had at no cost.

Here’s an example for The Daily (scroll all the way down to “Charts” – if it is missing then that display isn’t ranking in any respect).

Google Podcasts hold their personal charts too, but those are much less complete.

Investigate stats discovered by way of some podcast apps

There’s no official way to peer a podcast’s global variety of listeners across each app, however a few of the smaller podcast apps have analytics approximately their very own customers.

For instance in case you visit the Castbox listing for The Daily you can see that it well-knownshows what number of Castbox

users have subscribed to that display and the way many times its episodes had been streamed on their app. Note that Castbox represents more or less 2% of podcast listeners.


The easiest manner to look up podcast stats is with Rephonic. For any podcast, see what number of listeners it has, its chart scores, social followers,

YouTube viewership, rankings and greater so you don’t must waste treasured time looking the web.

If you are seeking out podcasts to pitch as a ability visitor or sponsor,

Rephonic is a superb way to discover the right suggests in any topic or area of interest and quickly locate the nice email deal with to contact them with.