I Forgot Linksys Router Password! Help!

The Linksys router password is used when accessing the Linksys router login page. And, the default password is provided in the user’s manual. However, we recommend that you change the default password of your Linksys router to a new and unique one so that your Linksys router can be safe from intruders.

But, what if you forgot Linksys router password? Need not to worry! In such a case, you can hard reset the Linksys router and restore its settings to the factory default ones. However, if you choose to reset the device, you will need to go through the reconfiguration process of your router again.

Thus, to reset your Linksys router, apply the guidelines highlighted below:

How to Reset Linksys Router?

Step 1: Locate the Linksys router’s reset hole.
Step 2: Have you found it? If yes, then press it gently.
Step 3: Now, release the router’s reset hole.

Once you are done resetting your Linksys router, its password will also be reset to default. Now, using the default Linksys router login password, do Linksys wireless router setup again from scratch.

After reconfiguring your Linksys router in a proper way, we suggest you change its default password to a new one. Doing so will keep your router’s WiFi secure.

How to Change Linksys Router Password?

Step 1: Power up your Linksys router and ensure that it is receiving a steady power supply from a working power outlet.
Step 2: Once you are done supplying sufficient power to the router, put your hands on a desktop or laptop. Update the software of the device as well prior to putting your hands on it.
Step 3: Open an internet browser on the device. Make sure to use a browser that is up-to-date.
Step 4: Once you are successfully done applying all the above-mentioned three steps, hover your mouse cursor over the browser’s address bar and enter linksyssmartwifi.com or Keep in mind, the router’s default IP and the web address will not work if you use the search bar for entering them.
Wait! Prior to proceeding further, we would like to share valuable information with you. Do not use the internet browser’s private window to log in to your Linksys router.

Step 5: After entering or linksyssmartwifi.com in the address bar, you have to press the Enter key. Soon, you will see yourself landing on the Linksys router login window.
Step 6: You have to log in to your Linksys router with your current (default) router’s username and password.
Step 7: Click on Login to have access to the router’s Settings. Once you have accessed it (the settings) take the mouse cursor on the Wireless option and select Wireless Security.
Step 8: First, enter your current password and then the new one in the Passphrase field. Ensure to choose a longer and stronger password for your Linksys router.
Step 9: Click on Apply to save the changes.
Step 10: A new pop-up box will appear. Click on Yes and then on Ok.

Thus, in this way, you can retrieve the forgotten password of your Linksys device. What happened? You are unable to change the password of your Linksys router because you are unable to log in to it? No worries! Just follow a couple of fixes highlighted below and know how to log in to Linksys router in a flash.

Unable to Log in to Linksys Router?

Power Cycle Your Linksys Router
Yes, you read it right! Sometimes, minor technical glitches in the router can also prevent you from logging in to it. In such a case, power cycling is suggested.
How to power cycle Linksys router? Just unplug it from the wall socket, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back in again.

Once you are done doing that, refresh your network list and ensure to have access to the router’s SSID.

Check Your Internet Connection
An unstable or slow internet connection might not allow you to log in to your Linksys router. So, contact your ISP for the same and ensure that everything is fine from his end.

Thus, we hope that the information we have provided you in this article is the relevant solution to your issue i.e. “I Forgot Linksys Router Password! Help!”