Troubleshooting Common Issues with Nextbox WiFi Extender

If you bought a Nextbox WiFi range extender, then you must know about how fast WiFi range it delivers to its users to access on their devices. Once you are done doing Nextbox setup, you will actually see a boost in your WiFi range and speed like never before.

However, despite of such outstanding features of delivering high-speed internet, the Nextbox WiFi extender is also prone to technical issues. And, if such issues are not resolved on time can hamper your WiFi experience.

Need not to worry! In this article, we will make you acquainted with some of the topmost issues that users face with their Nextbox extender along with the solutions to troubleshoot them.

So, what are you waiting for? Next New Year Eve? If not, then keep scrolling down and stick to reading!

Nextbox WiFi Extender Issues Along with Solutions

Issue 1:

Can’t Access Nextbox Extender SSID

Your Nextbox extender has its SSID (WiFi network name). However, you need to access it in order to enjoy continuous internet connectivity on your devices. But, 4 out of 5 users are unable to do so due to many reasons like: Nextbox extender SSID not visible or it (SSID) is not appearing on the list of network. No matter what is preventing you from Nextbox extender’s SSID, know that by following of a couple of hacks highlighted below, this type of issue can be resolved easily at hand.


  • Refresh your network list

  • If you have changed the Nextbox extender’s SSID, ensure that you are accessing the correct one.

  • Use the correct password to have access over the WiFi network name of your Nextbox WiFi range extender.

  • Ensure that you the extender’s SSID is visible on the list of network and you are accessing it.

Issue 2:

Nextbox Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Another common yet major issue that users mostly experience with their Nextbox extender is that it is not connecting to the internet. Fret not! Just implement the hacks listed below and know how to can get rid of this issue while relaxing on your couch.


  • Check if your Nextbox WiFi extender and router are placed in close proximity.

  • Secondly, make sure that your devices are receiving an adequate amount of power supply.

  • Call your internet service provider! Maybe your service provider is the reason causing the internet-related issue.

  • Ensure that your internet plan hasn’t expired.

Issue 3:

Nextbox Extender LEDs Not Stable

Blinking LEDs on your Nextbox extender is also one of the most common issues that users usually face while performing Nextbox setup and updating its firmware. But, don’t worry! This will not happen with you! Just apply the fixes mentioned below and know how to get rid of blinking LEDs issue on your Nextbox extender.


  • Check the extender and router connectivity. Make sure that your devices are connected to each other is a proper manner.

  • The wall socket in which your Nextbox extender is plugged in must not be damaged.

  • Outdated Nextbox extender’s firmware is the major cause behind blinking LEDs.

So, for fixing the issue and to make the most out of your Nextbox extender, update its firmware right away. Just put your hands on Nextbox wifi extender manual and complete instructions about how to perform firmware update process.

So, this was all about our article about the most common Nextbox WiFi extender issues along with their relevant solutions. On the off chance, you are facing any other issue with your Nextbox extender, feel free to share with your fellow readers.