General Hacks to Resolve Rockspace Extender Slow WiFi Issue

This article is written for users who have been experiencing slow internet connection with the wireless range extender that they own. In case, you are facing the same issue, then you ought to take a walk through the hacks discussed below. For your information, this article has been written in the context of Rockspace extender. However, whether you have set up the Rockspace device via Rockspace_ext or the extender of any other brand, the same troubleshooting hacks can be implemented. Continue reading.

[Resolved] Rockspace Extender Slow WiFi Issue

  1.     Power Cycle the Rockspace Extender

Start troubleshooting the Rockspace extender slow internet connection issue by simply power cycling your networking device. What is that? Are you wondering what the meaning of the term power cycle is? Well, it is just another word for restart or reboot. So, in simple words, you just need to give your device a new start.

You can execute the process by disconnecting the extender from the router, turning off the extender, holding on for some time, and then, reversing the first two steps. As soon as you are done restarting your networking device, check if you are able to fix the Rockspace extender slow internet connection issue. If not, then following the next hack is advised. Perhaps, it might be able to help you out.

  1.     Switch the Connection Source

Sometimes, the use of a wireless source to connect the Rockspace wireless range extender and the host router can also cause the slow internet connection issue. The reason being, a wireless source cannot be relied upon as the connection can drop at any time. Therefore, consider using an Ethernet cable to connect the networking device.

While using the cable, keep certain things in mind: the cable should not be damaged from any point, it should be tightly plugged into the extender and the host router, and last, the Ethernet ports located on both networking devices should not be damaged. Keeping things will mind will also prevent you from experiencing more issues in the future.

  1.     Update the Extender Firmware

When a device has not been updated for quite a long time, one is bound to experience issues. Thus, if the firmware of your Rockspace wireless range extender is not functioning on its updated version, then it is a sign that you need to update it now. For instructions regarding how to execute the process, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual.

If you own an AC1200, then access its respective Rockspace AC1200 manual. This applies to any Rockspace wireless range extender model that you own. After updating the firmware of your networking device, check again if you are able to resolve the Rockspace extender slow internet connection issue or not. We have our fingers crossed that only the good happens with you this time.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the topmost troubleshooting tips through which you will be able to resolve the Rockspace extender slow internet connection issue. While troubleshooting the issue, if you figured out some other way through which the issue at hand can be resolved, then consider sharing it with your fellow readers.

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