Hostbillo Review: Get the Cheap Dedicated Server for Your Website


Well, when you think about getting a dedicated server at a low-cost price then it sounds impossible. As all know that it comes at the highest price than other web hosting services. However, Hostbillo web hosting company makes this possible for you by providing its Dedicated Server hosting services at a cheap price. The company’s aim is to offer affordable web hosting services to all its customers be it a dedicated server or other web hostings.

In this article, you get to know proper in-depth knowledge about its benefits, features, and the price that the company provides its Cheap Dedicated Server services. So, let’s move further to the piece.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Hosting a website on a physical server that totally belongs to you and provides an isolated environment call as Dedicated Server Hosting. It offers the highest amount of server resources that are flexible and provides better scalability to your site, unlike other hostings. The server will make your website more user-friendly and SEO friendly. The number of resources it provides especially benefited those sites that have high traffic visitors daily. As you are hosting your site on a single server which automatically escapes your site from any intruder and keeps your site secure.

Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Hostbillo is one of the most influential web hosting companies which serves best-in-class services to its customers. The company is well known for rending high-grade, hyper-scale, and top-notch web hosting services and facilities. Hostbillo aims to raise the bar of web hosting standards while offering enterprise-grade hardware, the best data protection, etc. By providing secure network channels, they make sure to offer the best network connectivity facility.

And, it comes to proving premium hosting features at a cheap price then Hostbillo is also one of those companies that offers the best for their customers. So, if you are willing to buy Cheap Dedicated Server services then Hostbillo is an ideal host for you. Let’s now talk about the features that a dedicated server has.

Features of Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting


When you host hundreds of people on your site daily, then it is quite compulsory to provide proper security to your clients. And, in order to provide the best security then Hostbillo offers its Cheap Dedicated Server services. You get th secure environment to host your clients and protect their personal information from cyber attacks and viruses. This is the one way that a Dedicated Server Web Hosting protects your site. And another way is, you can install security software with the help of a one-click installer which enhances the security. This also helps in safeguarding your website.


For a good page load speed of the website, unlimited bandwidth is vital to have. Because this helps in loading your website with an ease that your customers would like. The minimum time your site takes to load the page the more your site scores as user-friendly. So, in order to provide you unlimited bandwidth, Hostbillo makes it included in its Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting package. 

SSD Storage

When you hold a big enterprise website then the higher possibility is providing many services which means you will need solid storage. While there are two types of disk spaces, one is SSD and another is HDD. HDD is a traditional disk space while SSD is very flexible and catches the data more quickly than the other. Therefore, Hostbillo offers its Cheap Dedicated Server hosting services which include SSD storage in the plan.

Flexibility and Scalability

The number of server resources you get with the Best Dedicated Server Hosting services provides more flexibility to your website. The more flexible your site is more your customers are happy with it. Also, when you host your site on a dedicated server, the performance of your site increases with its scalability.

Benefits of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

  1. Hostbillo offers its customers to choose whichever operating system they want to get for their websites. Be it Linux or Windows.
  2. With a 99.90% network uptime, your site will not face any downfall issues at the time of high traffic.
  3. Also, when it comes to controlling the server settings and customizing some of them according to your needs then you get root access to the services.
  4. You can manage the server with control panels like Cpanel and Plesk Panel.
  5. The Cheap Dedicated Server from Hostbillo also safeguards your site from DDoS attacks.
  6. Datacenter choice is also one factor that includes in the hosting package. As it provides better network connectivity.
  7. The company provides 24*7 customer services with all its Web Hosting Services and solves your problems quickly.
  8. You get the Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at $81.72 per month which is not much high as compared to others.


So, now that we discussed a lot about the company, its dedicated server hosting services, the features, and many more. You get the point that should you host your site on it. The most secure hosting to host your site is this only. And, here Hostbillo makes it easier to host your site on it by providing Cheap Dedicated Server hosting services at just $82 a month. So, take advantage of the best options for your site so it can perform better.