We know how frustrating it can be to watch the most anticipated web series, only for it to start buffering. Have you ever thought about installing an extender in your home, before you start blaming your internet provider? We recommend that you give TP Link WiFi extender a try to bring life back to your WiFi dead spots. The TP-Link WiFi extension has many benefits. It is also very simple to install. If you’re wondering how to set up TP Link WiFi repeater, we have the answer. Just follow the steps below to begin the process.

Steps to TP Link WiFi Repeater Setup

1. Unbox TP Link WiFi Extender

What do you do when a brand new machine arrives at your home? You should carefully remove it from its packaging to welcome it. You must also welcome the TP Link extender in this situation by carefully taking it from the box and inspecting all items.

2. Extend the Extender

Next, locate the power outlet near the router to connect the extender. Before you plug in the extender, make sure that the power outlet has not been damaged. If the extension is damaged on any side, you should consider connecting it to another power outlet.

It is important to check if the power outlet can provide enough electricity.

3. Connect Extender to Router

Are you able to power up the extender? If the answer is yes, you can proceed to the next step. This is where you connect the TP-Link extension to your router. An Ethernet cable can be used for connection purposes. Connect the Ethernet cable to both the Ethernet ports on the WiFi devices. Ensure that you properly inspect the Ethernet cables and Ethernet ports as you connect them.

But why should you be so attentive to these things?

To answer your question, we want to tell you that a damaged or worn-out Ethernet cables can cause an issue with the connection. To avoid problems in the future, make sure the Ethernet cable is in good condition.

Note: You can also connect your router and TP Link extender via the wireless connection source.

1. Open the Web browser

You will now need to open the web browser from your computer. Any web browser that is compatible with the operating system can be used. You must take precautions to ensure smooth operation of your web browser. What are they? You don’t have to wonder any more. Clear all caches, cookies and junk files from your web browser.

2. Enter your Web Address

Open the URL and type tplinkrepeater.net in the address bar. To prevent the site from becoming crashed, close all tabs and open windows that are not necessary. You should avoid typing typos when entering the web address. A minor typo could lead you to the wrong website.

Sometimes users enter the correct web address, but instead of using the address bar they use the search bar. This leads them to the wrong place. We recommend that you do not make the same mistake again.

3. Enter your Login Credentials

Now, we hope that you have entered the correct URL in the address bar. You will now need to enter your default username and password in the respective fields. Then, click on the Log in button.

You might have entered the username or password incorrectly if you’re having trouble with http://tplinkrepeater.net login. Remember that login credentials must be entered in capital letters. You should therefore enter your details in small letters.

4. Setup Wizard will Open

After clicking the Log in button, a page called TP Link WiFi extender setup wizard appears on your desktop. You can then make any necessary changes as per your needs.

This article will show you how to install a TP Link WiFi extender. We hope you find the above information helpful.

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