Top 7 Examples of Successful Fashion Business

According to me, fashion is a statement that we use to flaunt our authentic selves. And to provide you with what you need to flaunt your personality, the Fashion industry is evolving continuously. From giving you comfort to helping you paint your exceptionalities, fashion has always been by your side. But in situations like Covid, Fashion industries faced a lot of issues.

  • Renewcell

Swedish tech startup Renewcell wanted to make recyclable clothing to make their fashion brand more sustainable. It uses a technology that takes discarded textiles and transforms them into a whole new material, Circulose. This material can be useful for replacing wood-based fibers like viscose and lyocell in clothing manufacturing. It partnered with H&M in 2020 for creating a dress made with 40% of the ciculose material. This collaboration revealed that the chemically recycled fibers could be useful for manufacturing garments.

  • Piccolina

Piccolina is a new lifestyle brand that has devoted itself to empowering women to become more powerful and leaders. The brand creates chic and well-designed clothes with artists and makes garments based on themes like robots, entomology, locomotives, geology, and circuitry. The brand also has a trailblazer series including women across fields and from different places. This brand is rapidly moving beyond clothes and creating bags, wall arts, and even to bedding to reimagine some images associated with girlhood.

  • Gucci

You all might be aware of Gucci and its unique take on fashion and its marketing. CEO Marco Bizzarri leads this brand with a creative director Alessandro Michele. This company is in gaming by creating arcade games in its official app. They have also created a virtual shoe design platform known as the Sneaker Garage. They partnered with the fashion video game Drest and digitally displayed its most recent collections. Later it collaborated with Fnatic’s eSports and created limited edition watches.

In sustainability’s defense, Gucci created a plan to track all its carbon and indirect emissions from suppliers, which they later offset. The company then asked other CEOs and inspired them to take the same Carbon Neutral Challenge. They collaborated with The RealReal and encouraged customers to buy used products. This way, Gucci encouraged the economic cycle of fashion products.

  • Bolt Threads

We know that leather is widely used in the fashion industry around the globe. But usually, leather-made materials are carbon-intensive and toxic chemicals. So, Bolt Threads created Mylo. The material that looks and feels exactly like animal leather; the difference is that it is made from mycelium from mushrooms. In 2020, Adidas, Lululemon, Stella McCartney, and Kering each agreed to spend seven-figure amounts to invest in Mylo. They wanted to create a supply chain for vegan leather that could be manufactured at a commercially viable scale. Let me tell you that this is one of the biggest business developments in biomaterials to date.

I have a question out of curiosity, have you ever had your clothes customized? Like putting all the elements from your imagination to your clothes? Then alter it to your exact size and voila! You just made your imagination real. Now your question would be why am I suddenly talking about customization? Because further, we will have details about the companies that have included customization in fashion.

  • Raymond

Raymond is one of the most renowned menswear brands. While talking about customization, this brand has to be first on the list. It has been making customized suits and shirts for a long time now. The exclusivity of this Raymond company is their outstanding quality suit which is stitched to perfection.

  • Creyate

We might have heard many names providing customized t-shirts and shirts, but have you ever heard of customized jeans? This brand customizes jeans or chinos to fit their customer’s fit and suit their style. They let their customers design their own jeans with their creative elements.

  • 16 Stitches

16 Stitches is a company that sells customized shirts. It enables their customers to design their own shirts with their editing tools. Also, it provides 16 stitches to the shirts they make instead of 14 stitches. If you are planning to include customization in your t-shirt or shirt company, then you should know that investing in a good T-shirt design tool is the key here. It will allow your customers to use different editing tools like clip-art, adding images, changing colors, fonts, etc.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you to know more about innovations in fashion and its way of marketing. Above mentioned brands are setting an example for you, and so you too can set an example for some other person looking for inspiration. You just need the right strategies according to your niche and audience.

Also, if you are thinking of adopting the customization trend, then be smart while investing in any product designing or t-shirt design tool. If the tool you select is the most excellent of all, then you will get the same result as its quality. Ensure it has tons of features to accommodate your customers with comfort editing tools.

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