Is Python the Best Choice for Developing Mobile Apps?

Python has quickly gained fans in the technology industry. It has become a popular programming language, the third most popular one in the industry (based on TIOBE Index). Things coded with Python might be coming to use in your everyday life. Python is used in scientific and numeric computing education-related web development. 

Talking about whether or not Python is a good choice for mobile apps, you might think, why not JavaScript/Swift? This article is undoubtedly an answer to questions related to Python being a good or bad choice for Mobile Apps. Reading this article, you’ll be able to decide when to hire python developer for your mobile application development.

This wasn’t a common question just a few years back, but modern solutions have made it easier than ever. Let’s find out what’s suitable for Spotify, and Instagram can also be good for you. 

Python is basically an open-source programming language, meaning it can be used to build various types of programs for multiple platforms. The best part about Python is it is easy to learn and understand. The new code can also be created quickly. Python has gained massive popularity over the years, and therefore it comes with dozens of libraries and frameworks. It has numerous tools to build mobile apps as well. 

The most significant benefit of using Python is it has libraries and frameworks that can help you develop a single codebase for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. This type of development is called cross-platform development.

While using traditional technologies, the developers were required to work on two different app versions based on different programming languages. Python frameworks Kivy and BeeWare allow developers to transform a single piece of code into versions working with various platforms. The developers won’t be required to create separate apps for all the platforms. 

Why is Python a Leader in Mobile App Development?

Python is probably one of the finest choices for the development of APIs of mobile applications. The active mobile users are rising & the increase in demand for applications led towards using this language. Python evolved to become a potential option in the app development market.

Python can be used in a huge variety of mobile application areas. It is a language that lets the developer code the same program with fewer lines than PHP. When you hire a dedicated python developer, you can be assured of developing the mobile app at an affordable cost. It is majorly chosen due to the reliability and simplicity the platform offers. It helps the developers work faster and also provides an interactive environment. This is well-known as one of the most readable languages globally. Popular among developers, it is the simplest if you compare it with other languages. 

Which are the Popular Python Frameworks?

Kivy and Beeware are famous Python frameworks used for custom mobile app development. Let us find out which of these make Python a good choice. 

Kivy Vs. Beeware

Though it wasn’t Python’s strong suit to build mobile applications on iOS and Android earlier, things are changing rapidly. It never had a robust store when writing GUI for mobile apps. For a considerable amount of time, iOS and Android were not in question with only Python. 


Kivy is the open-source library of Python, particularly for creating GUI for mobile applications across various platforms. It lets the developers create pure graphical Python applications that run on multiple platforms. 

Lately, when it comes to the graphical user interface, people prefer to make it more authentic. Kivy brings in a custom user interface toolkit with its own versions of text stickers, buttons, text entry forms, etc. The tools are generally not represented using the native user interface controls. 

This is the tool that ensures the applicability and consistency of the mobile application from one platform to another. But it also means that the android mobile app won’t sound or look like an android mobile app. 

Depending on the type of mobile application you consider, this may not develop a big problem. For most games, the user interface is not a crucial part. Ultimately, if you work with a non-native UI toolkit in mobile apps, Kivy is a good option. It allows creating mobile applications using Python skills without learning another platform language. 


BeeWare is also a GUI and mobile app development framework. This brings in a set of useful and abstract layers which you can use to write desktop and mobile applications. 

The significant difference between BeeWare and Kivy is that the programs built with BeeWare use the native user interface toolkit. In contrast, Kivy uses a custom user interface toolkit that uses the same controls on all platforms. 

With BeeWare, the widgets controlling the mobile application will be the ones provided by the base operating system. It allows you to create mobile applications which offer the 100% original look and feel on each mobile platform.

Wrap Up

To answer our question,  Python is the best choice for mobile app development; I’d say yes if you hire a dedicated Python developer. A dedicated Python developer will save your research time, and his expertise will be of great benefit to help you understand why and how Python is the best!

Summary: The highly famous language, Python is becoming a leading option for mobile app development as well. In this article, you will find whether or not Python is a good choice. If yes, which of its frameworks is more suitable and the right fit for your requirements. 

Author Bio: Maulik Shah is the CEO of Biztech, a hire python developer from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.