The Best Things to Do This Summer in Sydney

There’s no need to elaborate on how fun, bustling, and invigorating Sydney can be. Sydney in summer is much livelier than in any other season. With the warm breeze and sun-kissed weather, alongside the thrilling bars and restaurants, it’s no wonder why many tourists choose this destination for their summer vacation. Given the fact that Sydney is a large city and that activities are abundant, here is a thorough guide that will help you choose the best things and spots in Sydney for summer.

Check out the beaches

Even though it may sound like a cliche, hitting the beach in summer is the number one activity people like to do. And let’s face it, Sydney’s beaches are stunning. White sand, crystal waters, funky cafes and so much more await visitors at any of the city’s beaches. From the Bronte, Coogee, Bondi, and other not so “famous” such as Newport and Balmoral, there are a plethora of activities you could do. The best activities include surfing, parasailing, kayaking, and scuba diving. If you are seeking a mindful and stress-free activity, you can take a cruise around the harbour and have a delicious seafood platter onboard.

Visit the most bustling bars

When the night falls, Sydney tends to come alive. And it’s not only because the weather is finally enjoyable, but because the people have more time to unwind at the hottest bars and restaurants. It’s pivotal to check out the Shell House for fresh prawn rolls and cocktails or check out Maybe Sammy pub for a refreshing ping and stake. However, if you are willing to experience Sydney’s nightlife to the fullest you can visit the most exciting Sydney brothels for a memorable adventure. Whether you wish to end your summer night in Sydney with a whiskey or with an interesting lap dance, you won’t get disappointed.

Get wild

Those who are ready to release their inner child are in for something truly amazing. Sydney has great summer activities for both young and old. Go to Sydney’s Luna Park and, besides the regular rollercoaster and Ferris Wheels, you could check out the new and bombastic Little Nipper. Other family-friendly rides are a must because they would make you feel re-energized and chilled after a long sunny day. Don’t forget to check out the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium where you can see the multicolored corals and rare fish species, and the Taronga Zoo for even wilder memorabilia.
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Watch a movie under the stars

Make the most of the boiling hot summer nights by visiting one of many Sydney’s outdoor cinemas. There’s something utterly romantic and inviting about watching a movie under the stars that make this activity so beloved by many visitors and locals. All you need to do is get stacked with snacks and head out to Skyline Drive-in in Blacktown and pack your car and enjoy the night away. There are many other places to check out a film for free in Sydney: The Rocks Laneways Cinema, the Moonlight Cinema, the Sunset Cinema in Manly, and many more. Relax in cozy beanbag chairs or lay a blanket and maximally unwind to read shuftipro.

Blend with the nature

If you don’t want to escape the crowded streets, but at the same time see some of Sydney’s amazing and popular sights, you could revel in the city’s lavish parks and gardens. Brink a picnic basket and a blanket and go to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Wendy’s Secret Garden, or the Chinese Garden of Friendship and have a relaxing day out in the shade. There is nature everywhere in the city. Rent a bike and explore all the lush parks such as Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and have yourself a worry-free day. For other people, nature signifies the river and sea. Take a boat ride around the harbour.
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Fine & dine

Sydney is home to some of the most exquisite cuisines, but the food you should be eating this summer is the ravishing seafood. There cannot be a summer in Sydney without fish and chips by the glamorous beaches. Bring this to a whole other level this summer and try the local seafood but a classy restaurant such as Empire Lounge, Cirrus, or Doyle’s on the Beach. You would have the opportunity to try Appellation oysters or mouth-watering tuna steak. Whether you are looking for something more traditional or contemporary, you would be able to enliven all your senses.
Sydney’s fine-dining chefs are like A-list celebrities, turning heads with their restaurant concepts and culinary prowess. Whether you’re in a restaurant with views of Sydney Harbour, or hidden French bistros and omakase joints, be prepared for a culinary adventure. Spliced with old favorites—now revered worldwide—and ambitious newcomers that revel in pushing the envelope and challenging the city palette, Sydney’s fine-dining players mean serious and delicious, business.

There you have it – top things to do this summer in Sydney. Don’t forget to apply suncream and carry a bottle of water.
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