There is no doubt that the north-east region of india has always been the most favoured destinations by travellers because of its natural charm and beauty. The state of Sikkim includes one of the hidden charms that can magically revitalize you with its natural glory.  You can book your rooms in Lachung hotels in advance to make your trip even more comfortable and luxurious.

Resting at a height of somewhat 2,400 metres, Lachung is a hill station that is one of the must-visit spots in the nation. Lachung is even a forward base for the indian army and offers pleasant weather all across the year. During summers, this place can be seen covered with pretty colourful meadows and during the winters, Lachung is layered with a white snowy blanket. Even though it is a tiny hill station, Lachung has so many different spots to explore. If you are looking for a change, unwinding or relaxation then this place is a perfect for your next holiday or trip. Here are some of the main tourist attractions that you can visit once in  Lachung.

Yumthang valley

The Yumthang valley is the top tourist places in Lachungthat is situated at a height of thirty five hundred meters above sea level. This valley is even well-known as the valley of flowers in the north-east. The charm of the valley manifolds with the stunning Teesta river flowing through its challenging terrain. One can even take a halt at a well-known hot spring that is nearly one kilometre from Yumthang valley. While passing through the roads of the valley you are going to come across gorgeous Shingba rhododendron trees. In case you can sandwich sometimes, then do pay a quick visit to the Shingba rhododendron sanctuary that has twenty four different varieties of rhododendron in it. The entire valley is going to give you a memorable and charming time.

The gorgeous Lachen

Located at a height of 2,750 metres in the north district area of Sikkim, Lachen is one of those tourist spots that can simply sweep you off your feet with its charm and weather. The literal translation of this palacelike is big pass and even interestingly, the place offers unparalleled type of views of the valleys that blend with its nearest hamlet. Lachen is the base for the Chopta valley and the Gurudongmar lake and is situated nearly twenty seven km away from Chungthang. Like mentioned before, the Lachen village is one of the ones unexplored beauties of country that can mesmerise you to an entirely new level. Having said so, there are a few gorgeous offbeat spots to visit in Lachen that are definitely going to bring out the adventurer in you.

Zero point

In case you are considering a Lachungtrip, then the zero point has to be a part of the itinerary. Also called Yumesamdong, the zero point is yet another type of place to see in Lachung where the sights are going to take your breath away! Snuggled in a freezing altitude of 4,724 metres, the zero point is definitely where the roads come to an even end. From this point, you can also see some of the area of China; however, no one is permitted to cross beyond a certain boundary of this zero point. The snow-clad mountains that are accompanied by the hot springs by the river Sebu Chhu, and you can most of the times even see yaks often grazing here. Of course, the sites of this region are going to get you a mesmerising experience for sure. You are going to feel refreshed and absolutely peaceful.

Lachung monastery

In many ways, Sikkim is known for its serenity and even easy-going aura and what makes it more exciting are the monasteries resting in the state. The Lachung monastery is one such spot to visit in Lachung. Circled by magnificent apple orchards, the architecture of this amazing monastery is simple yet lovely. The Lachung monastery is raised at a height of two point seven hundred fifty metres near Lachen and Lachung rivers that are two of the Teesta riverbranches. Apart from the tranquillity it affords, the gompa even serves as the base for the green lake trek. This monastery was constructed in the year 1806 and it was the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism who constructed it, and a statue of guru Padmasambhava is situated there. This place in Lachung is definitely one of the most-visited serene place in the entire state .

Chopta valley

You know this Chopta valley is another gorgeous tourist place near Lachung. Tourists can confuse it with Chopta village that is in Uttarakhand. Chopta valley is a top sightseeing spot in Lachung for all adventure junkies. Hypnotic and stunning views of the Chopta valley make it really one of the finest tourist places in Lachung. This valley is nearly a 2-hour drive from Lachung and fascinates tourists from all over the country across the year. In summers, the valley stays colourful with the lovely alpine flowers and in winters with splendid snow-clad alpine trees. You can take some really nice and beautiful shots at this place. Of course, the scenes at this place can become the perfect backdrop for you.

Bhim nala falls

Now, this Bhim nala is another popular tourist place in Lachung and is located in the picturesque and charming village of Khedum. This site is a thing of enthralling beauty, supernaturally combining peace and epinephrine. The Bhim nala falls, on the other side , is one of the highlights of the Sikkim holiday as it really is the highest waterfall. The waterfall that is situated at a considerable height, forms up a fascinating plunging vista that is accompanied by the unwinding, relaxing sound of the waters cascading from that splendid height. The Bhim nala falls, having its enticing ambience, is one of the perfect places to explore in the realm of Lachung.


To sum up, if you have never made a trip to this region of the country then you should do it now. This place Lachung is going to get a great and mesmerising experience. You can have a picture gallery of your own of this trip.Book your stay at Lachung hotels to enjoy your vacation.