A Complete guide on “How to Register on Flipkart as a Seller?”

Indian online e-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India.  The Indian E-commerce market is estimated to reach US$ 200 billion in 2026 with an expected compound annual growth (CAGR) of 57%. India’s e-commerce business is expected to become an US$ 800 billion market by 2030, driven by the strong adoption of online services such as e-commerce and edtech in the country.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is the second-largest Indian e-commerce company, incorporated in Singapore as a private limited company with its headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, The company has been initially formed to sell the online book on the platform before expanding into other 100+ product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries, and lifestyle products. Today, Flipkart is one of the biggest Indian e-commerce stores 100 thousand sellers and more than 100 million regular customers by 21 state-of-the-art warehouses.

Who can Sell on Flipkart

  • One can register their business as a Sole Proprietor if individuals are running their business alone.
  • Any firm that is registered under the Indian Partnership Act of 1932. It can appoint any of its partners to complete the Flipkart Seller registration processes.
  • Any Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) that has been formed under the LLP Act of 2008, can register in Flipkart Business.
  • Any company that is registered under the Companies Act of 2013, whether it is a public, private, or one-person company.
  • Any other registered entity engaged in any type of business involving the sale of products

Documents required for Flipkart Seller Registration

  1. PAN Card (can be Personal PAN in the case of proprietor / Business PAN)
  2. GSTIN/TIN Number (not mandatory for few  categories of  products  like books)
  3. Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and scanned copy of Canceled Cheque)
  4. Clear Photo of Signature which should not be more than 20 MB.
  5. Trademark number in case of selling of own products or brand approval letter or certified invoice from an authorized dealer in case of selling branded products

How to create Flipkart Seller Account

  1. Login to Flipkart sellers account and click on sign up

  2. Create your sellers account by entering your phone number (along with OTP), Email ID, and name of the seller

  3. Proceed next to verify whether Flipkart is providing services at your preferred location

  4. Give your business details by entering your GST number. Having a valid GSTIN number is necessary to sell on Flipkart except for very few categories like books that have been specifically exempted.

  5. Complete your profile by providing details of:
  • Account details: You have to upload your document i.e. GST number, Cheque, Bank Details, and email

  • Store details: This includes the name of the store and description of the business

  • Business details: which includes your GSTIN number

  • Signature: Upload a Clear photo of your signature in  a supportable format which should not be more than 20MB

  • Bank account details: Enter your account holder name, bank account number, and IFSC code

  • Brand verification

  • Email verification by clicking on the link sent to your registered email address

How to List your Business on Flipkart

  • Click on the listing option on the seller’s dashboard and choose between single or bulk listing
  • Select the categories under which your product fits. For example Food items, Electronic gadgets, shoes, etc.

  1. If you are selling a product of any other brand other than yours you need to upload a Brand approval letter or certified invoice from an authorized dealer.
  2. If you are selling products of your own brand you need to give your Trademark registration number.
  3. Provide pricing and packaging details, manufacturing and inventory, Delivery charges, Tax details, and product description.
  4. Proceed to quality check to be conducted by Flipkart. It will usually take 24 to 48 hours for this process.

Why Sell on Flipkart

Below are the 5 great reasons why you sell on Flipkart

  • Pan-India reach: Selling a product online can help the seller to access direct use from all the corners of the country. When you sell on Flipkart, you get easily get access to over 1 million registered users instantly.
  • Low set-up costs: Unlike a shop, you don’t have to invest a large sum of money to attract your customers. You can set up your business for a fraction of the total cost of setting up a business on Flipkart.
  • Ready logistics network: Flipkart provides the logistics network that has been created and can be used with ease. With hassle-free pick-up and delivery of products, you can deliver your products at 200+ locations. Flipkart also provides insurance from losses or damages under the Seller Protection Program.
  • Low marketing cost: Flipkart helps you to connect with partners to catalog and photograph your products so as to attract your end to end-user, also provides valuable advice on promotions and advertising which helps you to make informed business decisions.

Flipkart Seller fee Structure

Flipkart charges a small number of fees on every order which is bifurcated as below.

1. Commission fee

A small percentage is charged on the total value of the Order item value which depends on the category & sub-category of the product.

2. Shipping fee

This is  calculated on the basis of product weight and the location where the product is to be shipped (i.e. Local, Zonal or national jurisdictions)

3. Collection fee

The Collection fee will vary depending on the payment type made by the customer (i.e. for online payment or for cash on delivery)

For online payment – Collection fees are charged on the basis of the payment gateway,

For cash on delivery order – Collection fees are charged  on cash collection charges

(iv) Fixed fee– This is a small fee that Flipkart charges on every transaction. However, no fee is charged in case of a courier return. This fee varies on the basis of the item value of the order irrespective of the category and seller tier.


Henceforth, Flipkart helps your business grow to the next level by making the products available to 10 crores registered customers. You can easily list your product on the platforms in just a few clicks and make use of the single seller platform to manage your business and grow it too at a rapid scale.