Buy High-Quality Prestige Chimneys At The Best Price

Indian cuisine demands the use of a lot of oils and spices. Preparing Indian food releases smoke and oil fumes that can cause eye and throat irritation and lead to a generally poor kitchen environment. Indian cooking is especially harmful to your kitchen décor too and grimy, greasy tiles and walls are as unsightly as they are unhealthy. Prestige chimneys are an efficient and affordable way of preserving your kitchen interiors. A Prestige chimney or a Glen chimney will clear your kitchen of smoke, smells, and dust particles promptly and automatically. 

If you are looking for Prestige chimneys or a high-quality Glen chimney, you need to factor in your specific requirements before making a purchase. Here are some points to help you choose the right chimney for your kitchen.

Size of The Chimney

The chimney should be compatible with your stove or hob. Prestige chimneys are available in 60 cm and 90 cm variants, and you should pick one that fits in the space available. The rule of thumb is, the more the number of burners, the larger the chimney you should select.

Type of Chimney

Once you decide on the size, you need to consider the type of chimney you want. While deciding the type, you must look at the location of the hob, the stove, and the cooking platform. Some of the most common types of Prestige chimneys available in the market include:

  • Wall-mounted chimney

This chimney is fixed against the wall and has a hob located close to the wall. 

  • Built-in chimney

These Prestige chimneys are integrated within a modular kitchen and have terrific aesthetics. 

  • Island chimney

This type of Glen chimney is suspend from the ceiling right above the hob. 

  • Corner chimney

This type of chimney is installed in a corner and is supported against the wall.

Type of Chimney Filter

Chimney filters are categorized based on their structure, material, and filtering process. There are three types of chimney filters:

  • Carbon filter: Carbon filters in Prestige chimneys work in the way as they do in water purifiers. These filters help to remove fouls smells and odours from your kitchen. Since they are prone to clog by grease, you need to replace them periodically.
  • Mesh filters: These filters have multiple layers of aluminum or stainless steel meshes. They help in trapping particles and smoke and are also liable to be block with prolonged use. Thus, you need to clean the mesh filters in your Glen chimney regularly.
  • Baffle filters: Baffle filters are the most common filters use in Indian chimneys. These filters tend to work better than mesh filters and require timely maintenance for optimal functioning.

The Suction Capacity of Chimney

Prestige chimneys come in suction capacities ranging from 700 m3/hour to 1600 m3/hour. Your ideal suction capacity is determine by your cooking style. If you often prepare non-vegetarian food or oily food that involves a lot of frying, then you should opt for a chimney with a suction capacity of at least 800 m3/hour to 1000 m3/hour. Having a higher suction capacity will go a long way in keeping your kitchen spick and span.

Maintenance and Service

It can be tedious to maintain a chimney. Therefore, you should choose a model that requires the least maintenance. Also ensure that you install your chimney at a low height for easy cleaning. Check out what kind of after-sales service your chosen brand provides. Prestige chimneys are known to have a wide distributor network and provide reliable maintenance services at affordable prices. Keeping your Glen chimney in a good condition will also have a direct bearing on your kitchen environment. 

If you want a safe and hygienic kitchen, start by installing a chimney. A chimney will remove smoke and oil fumes from the kitchen and help you maintain its décor and appliances in a clean and gleaming condition. If you are looking for Prestige chimneys or a Glen chimney, here is a comprehensive guide that will enable you to make a sound purchase. Go through these points if you are confuse about things like chimney capacity, suction power, maintenance needs and more.

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