WHMCS Addons: What Are They & How Are They Important?

How businesses are run, and companies make money has changed as the pace of work has sped up and slowed. Since the internet came along, businesses no longer have to rely on their physical locations alone.

Since the internet came along, it seems like everything has changed. Today, a business could have a storefront anywhere or not have one at all, as long as it is a good place for customers to go. It could still make money and be seen.

Virtual shopping and looking for things and answers online are becoming more common today, especially among younger people. So, businesses have started building their websites, no matter what they do, what services they offer, or what they sell.

One of the most common ways to be successful and grow is to have a platform where they can showcase their servings. WHMCS Addon module is one of the examples of a benefits package that every business owner should get to gain profits.

If you have a business and are considering getting a new website, you’ve come to the right platform. You’ll learn everything about addon modules you should look for when buying web hosting for your new business website.

When choosing a web hosting platform for your new website, there are a lot of things to think about. There are several things that you just need to take care of and think about.

Hosting comes in many forms, and addons come in even more. When you want to make a website for your business that will bring in money, you need to find out one that works best for you.

Let’s learn more about what web hosting is before we talk about the different kinds of web hosting and which WHMCS modules you should look for when buying web hosting for your new business website.

What exactly is web hosting?

Simply said, web hosting is the service that enables you to publish your website on the internet. It is where your website’s necessary services, databases, and files are kept.

Numerous businesses offering web hosting services have the infrastructure to make it possible and maintain it on a regular basis. You can also hire a host for your business website in order for it to go live on the internet. This rented area will facilitate the online publication of your websites and/or blogs. You have the option to select the required addons based on the number of linked services and your convenience.

There are numerous types of hosting from which to pick based on your preferences and the nature of your work.

What Different Types Of Hosting Are There?

You can select the hosting provider based on your job type, how far along you are in your business and the size of your organization. Here is a list of the several types of hosting that are available:

1. Shared Hosting 

As the name implies, shared hosting is a type of hosting that enables multiple users to share space on a single server. This hosting is incredibly well-liked because it provides every organization with the chance to go online at a reasonable cost. Shared hosting is a perfect choice if you run a small business, are a blogger, or want to create a website for other purposes.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a specific kind of web hosting environment that offers a high level of privacy, resource allocation, and control. Each dedicated server is kept completely separate from the others. This feature gives customers full control to set up their servers any way they see fit, without worrying about how their choices may impact other servers or vice versa.

3. Cloud Hosting

Built on cloud technology, cloud hosting is made to take into account every aspect of hosting your company website. Cloud hosting is ideal in terms of scalability, flexibility, and stability. It is because your company website needs to continue to load quickly, even during sales or traffic spikes.

4. VPS Hosting

The multi-tenant scenario that a VPS hosting environment replicates is a dedicated server environment. Because each VPS hosting server receives exclusive resources from the host server, they provide incredibly high dependability and performance.

5. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting refers to a variety of web servers that have been specially tuned to support a WordPress website’s optimum performance. All the files and folders that contribute to building your website can be kept in this location.

6. Reseller Hosting

You can construct a number of sub-packages using reseller hosting within the Bandwidth and Disk Space that is allotted to you in your primary package. Using WHMCS addon, you can also design unique bundles for your customers. So, reseller hosting is for you if you want to launch your own web hosting business without making a full commitment.

Let’s move on to the many add-ons you can choose from for better performances. There are larger returns now that you are aware of the various sorts of web hosting you may select based on your needs.

Which Addons Should You Look For When Purchasing Web Hosting For Your New Business Website?

In addition to hosting plans, hosting companies provide a variety of additional services. With their additional services, your website will most likely have more benefits and run more smoothly. It is entirely up to you whether to use these services, which usually come at an additional cost.

While there are many wonderful addon services to choose from, here is a list of some of the best ones, hand-picked by our experts. With their assistance, you can supercharge your website and reap the best results:

1. SSL Certifications

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a technology that protects website data as it travels between the user and the server. When data is transmitted, it is encrypted and decrypted only when it reaches the user’s end. As a result, your information is secure from interception.

Even if your website does not handle any financial or sensitive data, you should consider getting an SSL certificate for an additional layer of safety and security.

2. Website Security

The trustworthiness of your website is significantly influenced by website security. An anti-malware product does a daily 360-degree scan that actively looks for threats. WHMCS Module ensures that proactive security measures are put in place so that their clients can concentrate on their businesses instead of troubleshooting problems.

3. Automatic Backup Approach

Your website’s backup is your final line of defense against complete data loss. It might only be possible to recover your website for a brief amount of time if it crashes or is hacked. Fewer users will leave your website the longer it is down. As a result, you must spend money on an automated backup tool that will consistently and routinely back up your data.

4. Content Delivery Network

The internet is quite quick! The data must still travel from its hosting server to the user, which takes time. If the data has to travel a longer distance, it will take longer. A CDN, or content delivery network, steps to the rescue in this situation by replicating the data on your website across a vast network of computers.

It speeds up page load time and responds to user queries from the closet server.

5. Business Email Hosting

Get a domain-matching email for your company straight away if you want to establish some genuine credentials for it. If you want to build the trust of your users and be taken seriously as a business, you should never utilize a free email account for commercial purposes.

6. eCommerce Merchant Accounts

You can begin accepting credit cards directly from your website if you have a merchant account. This is crucial if you’re managing an online store. When you join up for a merchant account, WHMCS addon modules offer affordable monthly rates, no annual fees, round-the-clock service, and no application fee.

What Further Information Do You Require About Addon Domains?

1. SEO

It’s possible that your website will become unreliable and slow if the resources on your web hosting account are unable to handle the websites that you are hosting. Your search engine optimization will suffer as a result of this.

2. Duplicate Content

You won’t have to worry about having duplicate material if the configuration is done correctly. Google only needs you to send in a single URL, and it will be the one that gets indexed.

3. FTP Access

You are able to create an FTP account for your addon domain, and when you do so, it will function in the same manner as the FTP account that is associated with the principal domain of your account.


When you buy web hosting for your new website, you might want to give some thought to purchasing these add-ons as well, or you might want to check to see whether they come standard with the hosting plan you choose. Your website will load more quickly due to its work, making it a more comprehensive resource for your customers.

In addition, check that you can contact customer care whenever you need it, day or night, seven days a week.

WHMCS Addons, which is widely considered the top web hosting business, incorporates all addons features within the hosting package they offer. WHMCS Addon Modules provides round-the-clock customer help for any form of inquiry or technical question, in addition to the hosting plans they offer.