All You Should Know About Comfast Extender Combine WiFi Mode

Exploring the settings of a Comfast range extender is a mandatory thing you must do after setting it up. After all, using it just for the sake of the internet is like living a networking life without exploring the beauty of its features. This post sheds light on one of the most important features offered by a Comfast WiFi extender i.e. Combine WiFi mode.

For your information, enabling the Combine WiFi mode on the extender will help you gain access to the frequency band offering a higher speed. Therefore, you need not switch bands manually on your devices in order to stay connected to a high-speed internet connection. This very feature will do the job for you.

Well, this was about what the Combine WiFi mode on your range extender means. But, are you aware of the steps that need to be followed in order to enable this feature on the extender? No? Know that you can enable this feature by accessing the Comfast WiFi extender setup wizard. Walk through the next section to learn how the process can be executed.

To Enable Combine WiFi Mode on Comfast Extender

1) First of all, create a connection [wired or wireless] between your extender and the main router.

2) Be sure that your devices are getting a stable power supply.

3) After that, unlock your mobile phone or switch on your PC.

4) Launch a web browser that you can use easily.

5) Move to the address bar and input the Comfast WiFi extender default IP address.

6) Pressing the Enter key will take you to the login window of your range extender.

7) Here, enter the login password and proceed to the dashboard of the extender.

8) After reaching there, navigate to the Settings option.

9) On the next screen, under the Wireless Settings section, toggle Combine WiFi to ON.

10) Tap or click the Save Setting button.

Changes made by you have been saved. From now onward, your devices will switch to the faster channel automatically when you roam around the house. However, there is a possibility that you might face issues while executing this entire process. Therefore, if you come across any, be ready to implement the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in the next section.

[Solved] Issues while Enabling Combine WiFi Mode

1) Check the Ethernet connection between your Comfast range extender and the host gateway. If the connection is found loose, make it strong. Additionally, make sure that the Ethernet cable is not damaged from any point.

2) Do use an upgraded version of the web browser to enable the Combine WiFi mode on your wireless extender. Remember that using an outdated web browser might create problems while making changes to the Comfast WiFi extender setup wizard.

3) Consider power cycling your wireless extender. There is a possibility that a technical glitch is stopping you from achieving success with the process. In order to power cycle the Comfast device; unplug it, let it rest, and replug it after some time.

4) The mobile device or computer you are using to enable the Combine WiFi mode on your wireless range extender is supposed to be upgraded. Moreover, it should be accessing your extender.

5) Ensure that the distance between your WiFi extender and the host gateway is not too much. If it is, then there’s no shocker that you are facing problems with your range extender and its management. Therefore, reduce this gap.

The Bottom Line

After you implement the hacks mentioned above, you will be able to enable the Comfast WiFi extender Combine WiFi mode successfully. Therefore, check the same by moving around the house and see if you stay connected to the WiFi channel offering higher performance. If yes, then we would like to congratulate you.

However, before signing off, we want you to enable the Sync Your Device option. It will help your extender to run on the same settings as the host router. Additionally, consider upgrading the firmware of the extender. It will help in enhancing the entire home network’s performance.