Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Placement Tips

After you have set up a Wavlink wireless range extender by accessing the Wavlink login page, the next thing that you might consider doing is placing it in a new location in the home. You will find detailed info about all those factors below.

Wavlink Wireless Range Extender: Placement Tips

You can relocate or place your Wavlink WiFi extender using the tips mentioned ahead if you are experiencing inconsistent WiFi from your Wavlink extender, or you are looking to place the extender after the initial setup so that you can get the maximum output


Clear Line of Sight

It is recommended that there needs to be a clear line of sight from your Wavlink WiFi extender to the accessing devices. This way you get the best WiFi signal. There are chances of signal strength degrading when there are other objects placed on the transmission passage. These devices simply act as blocking agents. So, objects like heavy metallic cabinets, furniture, thick concrete walls, etc. should not be blocking the path. Choose such a place for the extender from where you can directly access its WiFI on any device.


WiFi Interference

Devices or appliances that operate on the same frequency band as that of the Wavlink extender can interfere with the WiFi signals. Examples of such devices/appliances are baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Thus, to avoid WiFi interference, we suggest keeping the Wavlink wireless extender away from any such device or appliance in the home.


Distance From Router

The distance between the host router and the Wavlink range extender plays a vital role in the quality of the WiFi from the extender. This is the most important factor that you must consider while choosing an appropriate location for the extender. If you have placed your extender at a distance from the router then you may not get the expected WiFi quality from the extender. This point stays valid when you have connected the extender to the router using a wireless mode.
So place the extender in the router’s network range. But, bear in mind that you must not place the extender neck to neck with the router. Otherwise, the signals of these devices will clash.
4. Other Points to Consider
Consider placing your Wavlink WiFi extender in an open place in the home. Also, choose a higher shelf for it. The reason being, the WFi signals radiate outwards and downwards. Placing it higher will avoid any signal wastage. Apart from this, avoid placing your extender in enclosed areas or behind furniture etc.

The Closing Note

Apart from the above-mentioned placement tips, we recommend you to keep the firmware version of the Wavlink WiFi range extender updated to the latest version to improve the performance of the network. Firmware update is also used in the Wavlink extender troubleshooting process to resolve any issue because it fixes many bugs with the device.
So, this is all about the placement tips that you can choose to find an appropriate location to place your Wavlink extender in the home. We are sure that by now you know where exactly to place your Wavlink extender to get the maximum benefit from it. Happy browsing!