5 Questions to Ask Before Working with a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Nowadays, almost everyone is online. And that includes customers. If you are a business owner, you may need to start marketing online. If you are planning to have your business enter the digital marketing field, you will need someone who will do this for you. Your best option is to hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

There are many digital marketing services offered online including those based in Singapore. SEO services in Singapore are pretty prevalent too. But with these many digital marketing agencies, you might ask yourself, “Which one should I work with?”. That is why in this article, we’ll teach you the 5 questions you should ask before working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

#1 – Ask about their digital marketing services, roadmap & capabilities

Before anything else, you should know what you will be getting with this digital marketing agency in Singapore. What digital marketing services do they offer? Do they offer SEO services in Singapore? Are they only good in one marketing tactic? Or are they good with the various digital marketing tactics? 

You can also ask for a sample marketing strategy roadmap from them. If they can explain what they can do for you, they are likely to be able to do it.

Aside from that, you can also ask about what they are good at and what they are not good at. If possible, get them to answer as honestly as they can. This will help you find out if they can do well in a certain skill you are aiming for, such as Facebook Ads, web development, or SEO services in Singapore.

#2 – Find out more about the digital marketing agency itself

If you are going to work with someone, it is best to know them. That is also the case when planning to work with a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

So, get to know the company and its team. Find out exactly who you will be working with. Is it just one person or more? Who will do this or that? How frequently will they be communicating with you? 

Another thing that you should know about the company is about their past clients. Ask if they can show some case studies of their previous clients, most preferably related to your company. The more experience they have in your field of business, the more likely they can give excellent digital marketing services. 

#3 – Ask about the contract & billing

When working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore, you should understand the contract and their billing. In the contract, you need to take note of important details like how long you will work with them. If they say a 3-6 months contract is what you need, you are in trouble.

Marketing success isn’t something that happens instantly. It would take months and even years before you get the results you are looking for. It is important to know if the digital marketing agency in Singapore will work with you for the long-term. If not, you are just wasting your time and money.

To build trust with the digital marketing agency, have them laid out their strategy plan for each month. Have the digital marketing services written as detailed as possible in the contract. For example, will they work on website development in the first two months? Will they apply their SEO services in Singapore in the next two months?

Once you have clarified all the digital marketing services that will be used, find out next how it will be billed to you. How much will these services cost you? Do you think it is a reasonable price?

Before signing the contract, make sure you understand the breakdown of the bill. This is a common but fixable issue when working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore. If you don’t understand what a digital marketing strategy or service entails, ask the agency about it.

#4 – Ask about the content digital marketing services & tools

Content marketing is one of the ways for your business to build its brand. Before working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore, find out what they can do to build the content in your business.

Furthermore, find out if they can write something about your business. Some business niches are too specific. Some writers might not write it as knowledgeably as you hope. In that case, they might consider outsourcing a writer.

Make sure that the digital marketing agency even has experience in building a brand. If they haven’t done it before, you might not get your desired results. And you don’t want that. As much as possible, pick an agency that has done brand building with companies similar to yours.

Next, find out what software or tools do they use. Aside from knowing if they are using the most efficient tools, it should be clear if it will cost you additional charges. 

#5 – Ask about their SEO services in Singapore

When it comes to inbound marketing, SEO services in Singapore are very sought-out. But SEO had evolved in the past years since Google had been updating its algorithm. It is important that before acquiring SEO services in Singapore, make sure that the agency is updated. It won’t help you if the SEO tactics they knew are from years ago. So, ask them about their knowledge of the current SEO strategies.

There are many SEO tactics. Some have specialization depending on the SEO services in Singapore. But if the digital marketing agency knows SEO well, it can help you cover all of the sides in SEO marketing. 

After that, you can ask about expectations. When will the results begin to show? Climbing in the search engine ranks isn’t instant. It takes time. So if the agency said that they can get you on top of search engines within months, consider this as a red flag.

Building your business isn’t easy and instant. And that is also the case with digital marketing. But once you find the right digital marketing agency in Singapore, you won’t get instant results.

Rather, you’ll get something more effective in the long run. Whatever digital marketing services you use, make sure the agency is specialized in those services. So, you do not waste your time and resources. Instead, you are able to use your marketing budget efficiently with great results.

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