Ultimate Guide for Kodachadri Trek in 2022

Karnataka is home to wonderful scenery and high-rise mountains which are a wonderful escape for the city folks caught up in the metropolitan life. One of them is Kodachadri. Kodachadri is the tenth highest mountain peak in Karnataka. Wrapped in a blanket of lush greenery, Kodachadri is a major attraction for wandering adventurers who prefer to relish their vacations in the open breeze of lavish nature than in a fancy restaurant in a posh colony. 

Overview of the trek

Kodachadri is a mountain peak in Karnataka, located 420 km from Bangalore. It is a popular trekking destination in Shimoga. Kodachadri is a wonderful location, covered with green foliage, decked with varied trees, and inhabited by numerous species of fauna.

Kodachadri trek is quite famous for its splendid trail that takes you through shimmering cascades, dense forests, cliffs, and wide open meadows under the bright sky. There are endless beautiful sights to behold that strike the spectators with awe and admiration. 


It’s a 20 km long trek that takes you through diverse landscapes. It takes 2 days and 1 night to complete the trek which makes it a suitable weekend vacation for city folks living nearby. Situated at an altitude of 1300 feet, Kodachadri peak is 20 km away from Kollur which is also famous for the Mookambika temple. 


Location: Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Shivmogga, Karnataka. 

Difficulty: easy

Distance: 20 Km

Altitude: 1300 feet

Reaching Kodachadri 

Kodachadri is situated within the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. Kodachadri is 420 km away from Bangalore which takes 8 hours to cover by road. One can take a jeep ride to traverse the roads surrounded by dense forests and greenery to reach the base of the trek. 

Best time to visit

Whenever it comes to undertaking special ventures or journeys there’s always one question that concerns us: “what’s the best time to visit?” The best time to trek the trails of  Kodachadri is from September to February. The winter months are the most pleasant time of the year to cherish the scenery of kodachadri. During winters, the breeze is cool, the clouds are dense and the landscape is covered with lush green foliage. 

Attractions on the kodachadri trek

While the scenery and serene landscape of the kodachadri are mesmerizing and riveting, there are other attractions to treat your senses to. 

On the trek, there are Waterfalls of Hidlumane which is a series of 7 Cascades that collectively make up the waterfalls of Hidlumane. The water gushes to the bottom and flows down in clear white streams. It is a serene scenery to behold. 


Besides the waterfalls, the splendor of the rolling hills is most captivating. The rolling hills covered in vegetation are decked with bushes and trees. 


Situated at an altitude of 5735 feet, the grasslands with Shola forest diving in various shades of green are something you should savor with the utmost admiration.


  • Although the trail of Kodachadri is quite easy if you’re choosing to go through the trickier route you must prepare yourself for some steep hiking and gasping walking. 
  • To prepare yourself for the trek you must begin with jogging for 5 km and try to complete it in 40 minutes. 
  • Gradually increase your distance and pace. 
  • It is important to work on physical strength and bolster your core muscles. For that, you can go for squats, lunges, and planks, starting slowly and gradually pacing up. 
  • You must mix your workout with stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of your body. 

Things to take on the kodachadri trek

  • First aid kit, bandaids
  • Identity card, cap, scarf, sunglasses
  • Water bottles, eatables, high-calorie food, plastic covers for electronics
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer, Vaseline jelly, 
  • Electronic devices like flashlights, phones, power banks, 


Interesting facts about Kodachadri

  • It is translated into “Jasmine of Hills”
  • The altitude of Kodachadri makes it the 10th highest peak in Karnataka. 
  • It is situated in the heart of Mookambika wildlife sanctuary amidst the diversity of wildlife and vegetation. 
  • It is one of the only treks in which you don’t have to trek back! You can simply return through a jeep ride. 
  • The stones found in these hills are magnetically charged. 
  • Kodachadri is an evergreen tree that is blessed with green foliage sheets in all seasons.


The trek of Kodachadri is a simple and serene trek for diving into the uncomplicated expanse of nature and spending a tiring yet relaxing weekend away from the city. It’s an experience distinguished from anything that the superstructures of metropolitan life can ever afford! 


So, when are you heading out to Kodachadri?