What are the top attractions to visit in Calgary?

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Nestled outside the breathtaking Banff National Park, Calgary is a stunning place with chic bars, world-class restaurants, and beautifully manicured parks. Explore the great outdoors of Calgary, wander around the streets, and soak in the top landmarks. The Canadian experience snuggled in the city of Calgary is unrivaled with its gorgeous landscape and warm hospitality.

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There is no dearth of fun and thrill the place offers and not a single moment is wasted. From hiking the spectacular mountains to soaking in the wilderness at Banff & lake Louise, Calgary is a treasure trove of fun and adventure.

Plan your itinerary with our list of places to explore especially created by our local partners. Here are the best places and experiences you can indulge in Calgary.

1. Visit Banff & Lake Louise

Without a doubt, Banff National Park and the lively town of Banff should be your first stop when in Calgary. Plan a day trip to this stunning location and you are sure to get impressed by its captivating beauty. The drive to these sites is simply breathtaking. You can always stop whenever the urge strikes and take in the panoramic beauty of the place.
You can indulge in a plethora of activities here from skiing to sledding in winter and soaking in the view and exploring the wilderness in summer.

Highlights of Banff and lake Louise
• Stroll the spectacular lakeshore trails.
• Take a gondola tour of lake Louise.
• Indulge in a canoe ride.
• Soak in the stunning view of the lake
• Plan a picnic or camp by the lake,
• Hike the gorgeous mountains.
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2. Meet the animals at the Calgary Zoo

From the marvels of the mountains to the wild jungles of Africa, the Calgary Zoo offers you a glimpse of 900 animals from around the globe. It is one of the most loved places by kids as well as adults. The zoo is 120 acres of splendor that offers an array of fun activities and interactive sessions with the animals.

Besides meeting the animals, you can also explore the breathtaking botanical park. Visit the zoo in springtime and meet the new born cute baby animals.

Highlights of Calgary Zoo

• Take a hike through the gorilla forest.
• Watch them go wild in the water.
• Meet the birds in a tuxedo and penguin plunge.
• Head to the destination Africa and meet the animals from Africa.

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3. Learn about Calgary’s Past at Heritage Park

Heritage Park in Calgary is one of a kind living History Museum of Calgary. It is the most visited place in Canada. The museum offers you a glimpse of history with several replicas of historical buildings. It is the place where you can travel back in time from the period of 1860 fur trade to the town square in the 1930s.
Wander around listening to costumed interpreters, or take a scenic paddleboat tour across Glenmore Reservoir. You can also indulge in sailing rowing or canoeing at the reservoir. Don’t miss out on the Heritage village.

Highlights of Heritage Park
• Enjoy more than 200 interactive exhibits and displays.
• Cruise the Glenmore Reservoir.
• Head to the heritage village
• Explore the various periods of history.
• Ride the steam engine.
• Visit the Gasoline Alley Museum.
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4. See the Views from Calgary Tower

Want to feel like God? There is a place in Calgary that can make you feel that! The Calgary tower is a 626 ft tower and not just any tower – it is the tallest building in Canada. Head to the observation deck and take in the 360-degree sweeping view of not just the city but beyond it – the prairies, Rocky Mountains, and foothills.

The viewing deck also has a revolving platform and it’s really fun standing on it as Calgary revolves around you. It is the perfect place to visit to watch the sky drenched in hues of purple and orange as the sun goes down.

Highlights of Calgary Tower

• Be brave and stand on the glass floor.
• Soak in the panoramic view.
• See the most mesmerizing sunset

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Calgary is a lively city that has so much to offer and it can’t be missed. So, pack your bag, hop on a flight, and get on with the exploration.