If you’ve been scrolling through Youtube since time immemorial, you are aware that they are videos from random Youtube account holders that post their own edited videos. Whether it’s an edited clip from their favorite movie or a compilation of scenes from their favorite actors. People dedicate time to create their own videos simply to entertain themselves and anyone who would pass through it.

Youtube like any other social media platform helps artists, huge fans of a musician or a boy band, companies, and vloggers to express themselves hoping their idol would once see it or some random person scrolling through youtube could appreciate and relate to their published video.

Here are 3 tips and tricks you can do to reuse Youtube videos. Who would know maybe you’d publish it on your own Youtube account!

Shorten Clips

There are different ways to shorten your video, you can cut the seconds you’d like to keep and turn it into GIFs. GIFS or Graphics Interchange Format, is a series of frames you put together and create a loop which makes it a video clip.

GIFs are all over the internet. People use it when sending a text message or even post it as a meme. GIFs are a nice spin to just a plain clip because it becomes a lot more funnier. 

Another way of shortening clips is simply cutting your favorite second and compiling it to other videos you also cut. By doing this, you can compile the clips and create a montage. By compiling your favorite clips, you can create a new narrative based on how you sequence the video.

There are also interviews that are being turned into a montage and are used for campaigns such as Black Lives Matter and Feminism. Creating a montage is not just for entertainment purposes. Non-government Organizations use to gain more attention in different social media platforms. Successfully curating your chosen clips can be used for more than just entertainment but also for proving a point in a certain topic you want to delve deeper into.

Add background music

Once you’ve compiled your videos, you can increase the quality of your video by attaching a music of your choice. Music adds mood and tone to your videos. If you check Youtube, you can see videos that have no other audio but a music layered to the video. 

This trend started when ASMR became all over Youtube. ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is a triggering sound that relaxes and calms our brains. Because of this, videos that have natural sounds are viewed higher than expected.

Utilize Free Videos

Lastly, if you are looking for transition videos or what others call as a B-roll, you can search on Youtube videos that are not in the public domain or are not copyrightable. Gathering clips like this is additional content for your unpublished content.

This tip is useful for aspiring filmmakers or anyone wanting to experiment with video editing. It is also advisable for starting editors to play with existing videos which can enhance their style and taste in editing or film making. 

Here are other tips you can do while editing your own videos with Youtube clips:

  1. Adjust the Speed
  2. Add Text
  3. Crop your Video
  4. Add Subtitle

You can do these other tricks once you’ve finished compiling your clips. 

  1. Adjust the speed – You can speed up or slow down certain parts of your video to add dynamics and to highlight a specific part of your video.
  2. Add Text – By adding text, your clip can be more fancier or even become informational. You can customize the font size, color and others!
  3. Crop your Video – Dimensions are important when looking at any type of visual art. Thus, you can play around with the size of your video.
  4. Add Subtitle – Incorporating a caption to your video is a step towards sensitivity for others who have hearing problems, other nationalities who want to understand your content despite not speaking the same language as you are. 

To sum it all up, you can be as creative as you want. You can use these tips when a.) you want to practice your editing skills, b.) creating a video dedicated to entertain c.) using different clips for a specific campaign. 

Editing is one of the most in demand skill sets that employers are looking for whether you’re in a corporate or entertainment industry. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with resources you can gather clips. You can also search other platforms that offer free stock videos.

Overall, there are a lot of videos online that are not yet maximized and can help you in creating your future content. These are just tips to guide you as to what you can do to enhance an existing clip and make it your own.